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    I Can use DonationCraft without whole Enjin site?
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    • Could You Add A Feature Where When Someone Signs Up To An Enjin Site, Commands Can Run. For Example In A Server A Players Rank Is [Guest] Then When They Sign Up They Will Become [Member] This Would Be An Awesome Feature
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    Feature request:
    Have the ability to draw your design for the donation picture. Like a draw screen where you draw with your mouse or track-pad. If you could add this that would be cool. Thanks

    Also for the paypal where do I put my paypal in for where the money goes when someone donates. Thanks and please reply!
  4. i'd like to make a request. the request is that website owners/shop owners are able to edit payments. for example the username my donator put he accidently typed it wrong and i have no way of fixing it so the head/sign will be correct in game
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    Feature request:


    I would like to reccommend that you add the GUI feature when the users do /buy just like buycraft. I would really appreciate if this was added. Thanks! Happy New Year!!
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    An idea I have (if it hasnt been requested yet) To allow the subcategories have an option to make them invisible in a sense. For holidays that way the sub categories can be enabled for viewing or disabled. Easier when setting them up to have a one click option rather than having to disable an entire area or enabling each individual item etc
  7. I have got an idea!

    Like if you have bought a rank or something, you can't buy another rank. Like
    "If user has bought this, don't allow them to buy" then you can put in what they can't buy until it expires. :)
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    It would be really nice if we had the option to force our shop subcategories to not be expanded and only be expanded when they are clicked on. It wasts a GREAT deal of space having them force-expanded and just looks messy. IE if I have 12 ranks and they are all inherited to one another, the 12th rank would have itself for sale and 11 upgrades for sale, god forbid having to scroll through ALL 11 other ranks and their upgrades to get wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down to the bottom to buy the 12th rank!
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    Feature Request:


    I run a server that is very economy-based and tries to have a general balance between paying members and free members and allowing players to buy things in the shop but we would like to add more items but don't want the problem of a player like buying items/currency over and over and breaking the economy. So that's wehre this feature came from.

    Item Cooldown: An option that makes it so that when you buy an item, it is unable to be bought again until the "cooldown time" has been reached. maybe even an option to hide the item or show a countdown timer until it can be bought again.

    Group Cooldown: Allows you to set multiple items to all be part of one cooldown, so that if you bought one, that all of them must wait until the cooldown has been reached. Allows for example, if you bought a kit out of multiple kits, you are unable to buy another kit until the next day. then you must again pick from only one. This feature would allow for multiple group cooldowns in one category or even if items are in other categories.

    Category Cooldown: Allows you to set that every item in a category run off of a singular cooldown. This is more of a convenience feature if you planned for all of the items in a category to run off of a group cooldown but don't want to configure every item.

    NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE EXPIRY FEATURE, that feature actually works more as a time limit, this is a cooldown and teamed up would allow you to give someone a boost for a single day, but must wait a week to set said day-long boost again.


    There is a sorta Jerryrigged way to create this but it involved you creating a invisible tag called ( for Ex. KitCooldown), when you buy any kit it give you the tag "Kit Cooldown". You then set the item to be invisible while you retain the tag "Kit Cooldown". Then set the expiry to like 2 days. After two days, it removes the tag. Now you can see the item again.

    It is possible as of now to add cooldowns with the above technique, but it is VERY annoying and tedious, and requires lots of excess tags to do so, and is what I have to use right now for my server's shop. I would love this feature, as it helps economy/balance servers have options to add store items without the worry of someone buying 10 of the item and breaking the economy. It allows for a more, temporary boost feel over a pay-to-win feel.
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    I would like to give donation points for the recurring subscriptions.
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    Hi Enjin,
    First of all, thank you so much for this plugin it's saved my life many times. My request is that, could we install an in-game feature, wherein you can do: /ranks, which opens a 9 slot interface just above your inventory, displaying paper with information regarding the same information as the in-game text regarding ranks through /buy.
    This would be a much more ideal feature especially for large servers where there is scrolling text constantly, due to auctioning and normal chat.

    The rank information would be on an item of choice, or by default paper, the rank will be displayed on the items name, i.e: Warrior (Replacing 'paper')
    Then perks regarding the ranks will be on the lore.

    The advantages are that:
    - They don't have to constantly scroll competing against the chat.
    - Looks very professional.

    Thank you very much!
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    Please add a bungeecord support system
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    Can you make it so we can change the name of Points? I don't want to call it Points, I want to use like Web Coins or Guild Coins. An option to change it to whatever we want would be helpful :p
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    hi, i would really need and would love to have the ability to have multiple paypal accounts as set payment gateways and the ability to set what paypal account will receive the money on each item
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    Thanks for the all the feedback and requests, keep them coming! We have a good list of new features that we're developing now.
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    I think a Table design for the shop should be implemented (mainly for Ranks) (completely editable).
    Where along the top there are the rank names and costs or something like that, and along the side are the Perks ETC.
    And they shop owner can set specific "cells" to have ticks in for if that rank has that perk. It allows the viewer / customer to get a more visual feel for the shop, and can easily compare the ranks.
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    Coupon that you purchase using Enjin points. Such as 50% off a certain item costs 100 points.
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    Idea: you know how sales can have a command ran when someone uses it. Can you do the same for cupons
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    Feature Requeset:

    Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons.
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    Is there any way that you can add a test feature to the shop system so that the owner/admin can nominate a character on the server to test the commands and facilities created on the shop to see if it is exactly what they want/need. Just a passing thought. :) great feature so far though.
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    a random item generator for donations
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    It would be great if people who cancel their subscriptions do not have the cancellation actions happen until the end of the billing period.
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    Request: Add the ability to pay straight from credit cards, because users seem to be having trouble using paypal as a gateway to do so.
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    Make a setting where you can choose to add a rank on the website to the user no matter what they buy. For example, in a category setting, have the option of whenever the user purchases, it add X rank. I know you can do this within each item, but that would take long if we had a lot of items! Please add this!
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    New DonationCraft Releases

    1.DonationCraft Text Slider Module
    A new module has been released that will slide various DonationCraft related data on your website.

    • Feed the latest store purchases from your selected Store Module.
    • Feed from your store module or donation modules to show the latest donators on your website.
    • Feed data about the users with the most website points.
    • Featuring various configuration options and styles.
    2.New Command Queue System
    The command system has been updated with a double verification system, ensuring commands are queued and automatically re-issued in case something unexpected happens, such as a server malfunction or other technical issues.

    3. Expire Commands on Other Items
    A new option for each item has been added ‘Do not run Expiry commands of the following items after purchase’. Use this feature to cancel expiry commands on users who previously purchased selected items after this item is purchased. This is useful when you do want to run pending expiry commands on a previous item purchase.

    4. Shop Access Updates
    • Who can manage payments and see total sum and export
      • Full access to manage payments and total sum with export.
    • Who can manage manual payments
      • Only view / add manual payments.
    • Who can manage payments
      • Access to manage payments, but cannot view total sum / export.

    Use Stripe or 2Checkout payment gateways.

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    Make a setting where you can choose to add a rank on the website to the user no matter what they buy. For example, in a category setting, have the option of whenever the user purchases, it add X rank. I know you can do this within each item, but that would take long if we had a lot of items! Please add this!
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    could you add the option to "All" on this list so that all online players are displayed in one module please :D it would be awesome! [​IMG]

    link is here in case the image doesn't attach properly http://prntscr.com/2rgt80
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    Add the variable {user_rank} to get their rank in-game through the plugin, and or on the site depending if they have a account or not. It would also be nice if you added the variabel {user_rank_color} to get the color of their rank so it can stay the same when they purchase the donation. This would come in handy if I were to sell a custom variable thing. Im selling a custom tag and I need this variable so it can work.
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    Hey Enjin members, I was hoping I could request a feature that can be added to the next Enjin Plugin Update. I was hoping that there could be a way to add a package from within the game. One that is only visible within the game and gives users a must-buy-here opportunity.


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