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    This project is brought to you by the PEXPlugins development team.

    AdminEX stands for Administrating Extended. It's a web interface built around PermissionsEX's SQL backend structure. It will allow server owners to simply configure or edit their permissions in SQL but will also allow user's with access to maintain a server's player base. The goal of the project is to create an administrative tool which is best fit for big servers. The tool will also allow developers to extend the panel further from not only allowing it to manage and maintain permissions but to do a lot more!

    Let's put this into perspective.
    You have a few servers with a total 1000+ players online at any given moment. That's a lot of players. I have staff members who can help out and make sure no one is breaking the rules but some can only help out at certain time of the day because they may not have direct access to the server. So here is what AdminEX allows that staff member to do. It allows them to register an account and link it with their Minecraft account, from that point the user can access the AdminEX web interface and use that interface to maybe ban/unban/mute/kick players from the server, if the user is a high level staff member then maybe their access can go a lot deeper into modifying server configuration files, and more!

    So what does this mean as a developer?
    Well as a developer I'm sure you've created a bunch of plugins that are very cool and extremely useful, but what if you could extend these plugins further? Let's look at a player management plugin for example, let's say we have multiple servers, so in order for me to make sure that banned players don't access any of my other servers, I store their name of a database. Okay cool right? but what If a staff member or myself is on holiday or don't have access to the server directly, I guess it would be cool to maybe ban someone from your phone or tablet right? Well, AdminEX should supply you with the tools that you need to embed your plugin into the administrative panel to extend it's functionality. Not only will this allow developers to extend their plugins further and allow for easier management and control but it will also help with those wanting to extend their websites further. Hopefully AdminEX will give web developers the tools to directly link their servers with their websites.
    How is this different from a Server Panel provided by my host?
    Well we understand that some server owners may not feel comfortable giving their connection information to anyone, so we hope that the panel will allow server owners to give their staff members and easier and much better way of managing or maintaining the server(s).

    Upcoming features:
    • An extensive tool kit to extend the functionality of bukkit plugins
    • Extend PermissionsEX functionality into the web
    • Allow the modification and maintenance of PermissionsEX SQL backend
    • The ability for developers to create custom modules specifically for the panel
    • The ability for graphic designers to create custom themes specifically for the panel
    Now this may not seem like much but let me assure you that this is all you need. AdminEX will depend on the community to extends it's functionality further as previously explained.

    Are you a developer? Interested in the project? Find out more:
    So I am fairly new to web development safe to say. I've been playing with PHP for a while and it doesn't seem right to create such a project in such a language. I'm currently learning how to create web applications using node.js. If you're experienced with node.js or web development in general I'm sure your help would be very much appreciated. You can contact me via email or skype.

    Email: kieron.wiltshire@outlook.com
    Skype: kieron.wiltshire
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    Nice work...you might even say EXcellent work :cool:!!!
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