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    SQLcraft: <font color="green">0.1.1</font>

    What is SQLcraft, you might ask? SQLcraft is a PHP-driven web-application in early development that is geared specifically towards administrating the MySQL and SQLite databases that Bukkit powered servers tend to use. The goal of the project is to create a modular web-application that's lightweight yet powerful. The project is free, open source, and welcomes collaborators. The modular design of SQLcraft makes it extremely easy for others to create modules and drop them into SQLcraft with zero config necessary to add them. You can find the GitHub repo here.

    * KiwiAdmin Module - REQUIRES KiwiAdmin 1.0 or newer; 1.2 is recommended.

    - * View the records in the banlist table
    * Add records to the banlist table
    * Remove records from the banlist table
    * Send 'reloadka' to server whenever a record is added or removed from the database *LINUX ONLY, REQUIRES SQLcraft TO BE RUN LOCALLY ON THE SAME BOX AS YOUR MC SERVER*
    * PLEASE NOTE: The module does NOT support temp bans at this time. This update will be rolled out with the overhauled SQLcraft core.

    * SQLcraft Core

    - * Directory-based navigation generation
    * Basic theme so it isn't ugly
    - General
    * Take feature/plugin support requests
    - Modules
    * Home and Warp converters for moving between home and warp plugins without losing data; will try to support as many plugins as possible
    * iConomy support
    * Jail support
    * MyHome 1.8+ support
    * MyWarp 1.9+ support
    * SpawnControl support

    [IMPORTANT] YOU are responsible for securing this from unauthorized use until I create a login/authorization system. I recomend using htaccess+htpasswd or equivalent; you can find a good tutorial on htaccess and htpasswd here.
    Extract the SQLcraft folder to a web-accessible location on your server. If you put SQLcraft on your Minecraft server, this will likely be something like /var/www/, or a variation that refers to httpd, html_public, etc. Configure the variables in config.php to your liking. Some modules will include their own configuration file to set variables only they use.

    DOWNLOAD <font color="green">0.1.1</font>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    You can find me in #bukkit on irc.esper.net most of the time if you need any help with this or want to discuss any feature requests/suggestions/bugs/complaints/etc. If you find a bug/issue, PLEASE REPORT IT ON GITHUB! Go here to report a bug/isue. I'd rather not use this thread as an issue-tracker.


    03.10.2011-01:26AM - <font color="green">0.1.1</font>
    SQLcraft Core
    Template and drag-and-drop add-in functionality finished. Looks meh can can be easily tweaked later in the stylesheet.
    03.09.2011-05:42PM - <font color="green">0.1.0</font>
    KiwiAdmin Module
    Added a config file to specify the name of the banlist table
    Added unban functionality
    Implemented 'reloadka' with the help of lahwran and Jomik <3
    The entry of no-name rows is now impossible
    Put ban and unban ABOVE the ban list so that they are easily accessable regardless of the number of listed bans
    SQLcraft core
    Added additional variables to config.php
    Added test.php to SQLcraft
    KiwiAdmin Module
    Added experimental support for 'ka reload' 'injection' into server screen
    ^(this will only attempt to execute if $sc_local AND $sc_linux == true, and even then, the correct screen name MUST be specified)

    Configuration file now works
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    Looks good , I will try it out later :)
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    Feedback would be appreciated ^_^ It doesn't do terribly much yet and I've been a bit slow lately, trying to get a proper login system working SECURELY is difficult. I'll also warn you that the next update restructures a lot; I've made some changes for the better, overlooked certain aspects with my original Modular Design doc (intended to establish a permanent structure for the SQLcraft core to support all future module changes and make it a truly modular, drag-and-drop web-app).
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    Does this work on different servers then the mc server? Like using remote mysql?
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    Yes it does. That's even part of the configuration, for enabling/disabling functionality that only works on a local install ;)

    The project may seem dead but it's not. The severe lack of updates have been due to me having less time than I'd like to work on this, and the authentication system being particularly tricky when I have been working on it. Should have a big update out (although users wont really see much difference, the changes are mainly finalizing the core so that it's easier to update going forward) soon, followed by a focus on modules. A more recent setback is that Eclipse is being an uncooperative little hoe and I'm trying to find an alternative I like.
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    Certainly I'm feeling :)
    Good job.
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