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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by bigolslabomeat, Jan 27, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    I made a thing a while ago (first release was back in March 2011, development started Nov 2010) originally as a way of running Vanilla Minecraft as a Windows service so you don't have to be logged onto the machine your server is running on. Since then it's expanded a lot to include the following:

    • Installer which includes downloading latest Minecraft server
    • Runs itself as a Windows service
    • Opens firewall ports automatically and closes them again when not needed
    • If UPnP router is available, will try and forward ports
    • Includes free yams.in dynamic DNS so your players don't need to know your IP
    • Detects a Minecraft server crash and automatically restarts
    • Runs multiple Minecraft servers within it's service, no need to log on and start manually
    • Checks dependencies on install and guides through installing any requirements
    • Provides admin web interface for sending console commands and splits chat messages out
    • Right-click menu for easily managing players
    • Logs everything to a database
    • Back up your servers to your own schedule with the job engine
    • Map your server on demand and to a schedule with Overviewer
    • Generate images of your server with c10t
    • Serve the output of renders on a built-in webserver
    • Can run Vanilla, Bukkit or the weekly snapshots.
    It's primary function is to make the process of setting up and running a Minecraft server as simple as possible so that anyone can do it, without having to know about port forwarding, IP address etc. etc.
    Here's a short run through of the basic commands it supports:

    Default is vanilla server, but you can switch to Bukkit by doing the following:
    1. Click Settings > Installed Apps
    2. Check "Bukkit" and save
    3. Click Settings > Run Updates now
    4. Stop your server (right-hand panel)
    5. Settings tab, change server type to Bukkit, save
    6. Start your new Bukkit server
    As I'm not a Bukkit user myself, I rely on others to point out Bukkit specific bugs and where commands differ from the vanilla release, if you spot anything please create an issue on github. Also there are lots of ideas floating around for new features and I don't have enough time to put them all in at the moment so would love for some collaborators to get lots of shiny new things in there.
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    Very very good server works so nice cant wait to see what is next to come for it
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    Update pushed:

    • [WEB] Public website is a lot less crappy, not finished but not an eyesore.
    • [WEB] Web not sending proper parameters on creation of restart when free job
    • [DLL] Allow DB to increase in size beyond default 127MB
    • [APP] Button to truncate the logs if needed
    • [DLL] Catch errors in job engine ticker
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    This is the coolest auto server maker i have ever seen I am going to download
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    • [WEB] Don't allow bad URLs in dynamic DNS anymore
    • [DLL] Backups will capture any folder that starts with "world" for Bukkit support
    • [WEB] Backup now button in server control
    • [WEB] Public website now features connection address, client url (if using snapshots) and list of players online (with their approximate locations).
    • [DLL] Ability to override java arguments with textfile in server folder
    • [DLL] Stop deleting "config" folder as doubt anyone is still on 0.2.3!
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    Is there also one for mac?
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    Sorry, no. It's open source, but .NET so not sure if anyone would be able to convert.
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    Looks cool!

    I personally use ubuntu, so not much use to me anyway, but I know a few friends that might be interested...
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    Thanks! It was primarily designed for those that just wanted to start a server for their friends and didn't know about port-forwarding, external IPs etc etc but has been added to (from user requests) to make it a pretty powerful tool without interfering with the operation of the underlying server (the main requirement). One of the installs has over 1,000 unique players on it!
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    And for mac:(...
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    Can we disable most of the functionality and just use this as a service wrapper to run java with arguments?
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    Is there a way to use the client on one machine and remotely connect to another to shut it down or start it back up? This is exactly what I am looking for but I want something remote. This is a lot more light weight than remote desktop in windows.

    Also, can the server still be shut down in game with the /stop command?
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    This all runs on the server machine and exposes a web interface and telnet interface you can access remotely (your job to secure password and firewall access!). So yes, you run this on any Windows box and access these interfaces from anywhere else with your admin password. Web interface has buttons for common actions as well as direct console command entry, and telnet interface is just like sitting at the console of a running server, except you can control more than one at the same time :)
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    wath is c10t I can't use it?
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