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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by EnZiGuRi, May 17, 2012.

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  1. it is good to add pages (pagination) to player-list and group-perm-list. (i am working on it. if i make it i will post it)

    i also made the iconomy editor page from where you can create accounts or delete other accounts from players.

    here is the file (you need to place it to pages folder)

    make sure you add this under player group editor in index.php file
    //iConomy Balance Editor
    $id $_POST['id'];
    $balance $_POST['balance'];
    $username $_POST['username'];
    $query "SELECT * FROM iConomy WHERE id='$id'";
    $result mysql_query($query) or die('Cannot Execute:'mysql_error());
    $num mysql_num_rows($result);
    $num 1){
    $insert "INSERT INTO iConomy (id, username, balance) VALUES ('','$username','$balance')";
    header("location: index.php?page=iconomy-editor");
    $pid $_POST['pid'];
    $remove "DELETE FROM iConomy WHERE id='$pid'";
    header("location: index.php?page=iconomy-editor");
    if you want to make it accessible via main menu go to menu.php and add this line
    <input type="submit" onClick="parent.location='index.php?page=iconomy-editor'" value="iConomy Database" />
    this is a really beneficial tool for server owners and production servers. i will take it into account :)
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    Could you add preffix/suffix per player (besides the current per group)? PEX supports them.

    And permission listing, separated per group (including the inherited) would be nice too.
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    i will add it soon.. its in to-do list. ;)

    yorgaraz: thanks for helping. i will add it soon ;)

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    Mass add function?
    Usually use excel to track permissions. cut and paste all would be awesome.
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    Is there any way to convert flatfile to MySQL with PermissionsEx? This looks like a nice tool, but I'm currently using flatfile...
  6. there is one way of converting FF to MySQL. You can read this page @ PEX Wiki:
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    Brant Wladichuk

    You really should ask permission or at least give credit when you use someone else's work... 'specially not claim it as your own. This is just a re-skin of my Pexinator web panel.

    With that being said.. you're more then welcome to continue using my code. I admit, it's pretty poorly written, and not that secure.

    Since I've just released thePexinator2.0, I feel its appropriate to include a link to it here.
    It's more secure, simpler, better looking. It's now uses the Websend plugin to refresh pex on every change. As well as an ajax powered user search, pagination, and more. Enjoy!
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    hwo to install?
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    does this still work?
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    Oh, Can you update download link?
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    Screenshot links are broken. EnZiGuRi
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    I think this project is dead, should be marked as inactive now.
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