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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by EnZiGuRi, May 17, 2012.

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    - PermissionsEx Web Panel is a complement to PermissionsEx plugin. With this panel you can easily manage your server permissions. This panel requires PermissionsEx in mysql database (not compatible with flat file).

    UPDATED! May 28, 2012 - version: 1.0.2

    Download: PermissionsEx-Web-Panel-v1.0.2

    - View Groups/Players Permissions;
    - Add Permissions for Groups/Players;
    - Remove Permissions from Groups/Players;
    - Edit Group Prefixes & Suffixes;
    - Change Players Group.


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    - Fixed login issues (not 100% sure).
    - Added Prefix & Suffix color table;
    - Some code changed.
    - Creation of PermissionsEx Web Panel.


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    - Edit Players Prefixes & Suffixes;
    - Accepting suggestions to change/add ;)

    I'm accepting ALL suggestions to make this tool better!


    Updates comming soon...

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    Hey,Sorry If you already explained,But do you know where the mysql database is and how to use it?
    I'm just having a hard time understanding.:oops:
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    Nice tool. Surely will help a lot of people.
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    CRaziY: you using the Plugin linked in the thread, if yes you need to have your permissions in database, you can set it in your PermissionsEx config.yml

    Here is an example:

      backend: sql
          driver: mysql
          uri: mysql://localhost/permissions
          user: root
          password: 'pass'
    its easy to configure if u follow the plugin instructions. Anything ask for help ;)

    jobbers12: Thanks, i will make updates with better features/design ;)
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    i keep getting invalid login data even i have them entered in configuration.php
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    Account data? it works fine for me in mozilla firefox/internet explorer. (its sensitive to uppercase/lowercase, to spaces too).
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    Awesome tool, works flawlessly on my server. It is as if you wrote it specifically for my server! :)
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    haha thanks ;)
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    Ah funky :) nicely done!
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    tried different browsers and still it keeps saying "Incorrect login data". does it need any special chmod?
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    humm... wierd, really wierd, you have your account password saved in that browsers? maybe it is changing the password when u leave the boxes... dunno...
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    Maybe send a copy of your config file, can better help like that.
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    Here you go

    'Necro';        //Username
    $password '*****';            //Password
    $mysql_host 'localhost';              //Database Host (Usually localhost)
    $mysql_username 'abradome_pex';                //Database Username
    $mysql_password '*****';                    //Database Password
    $mysql_database 'abradome_pex';        //PermissionsEx Database
    password was mixture of letters and numbers so does that matter?
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    Humm.. i already try with caps letters, spaces, numbers and it works perfectly... try redownloading the zip, if still bugged tell me what browser you using and the version... Maybe i need to test it in your version..
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    I need help I uploaded the files and changed the file under the database I made ..
    But still tells me that error logging in the user ..
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    I finally got the Panel in FireFox.
    But,Now I am getting Incorrect Login Data.
    It was the exact same username and password in the config.yml
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    still incorrect data
    Browser is latest Google Chrome 19.0.1084.52
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    Incorrect Login Data means your PANEL user/password are incorrect.. in configuration.php you need to change the database login/pw AND panel login/pw
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    Login problems?

    Open up index.php,

    get rid of the if(file_exists... configuration... require_once.... stuff

    Replace with
    require_once 'configuration.php'

    @ The Dev - Why no data sanitisation?!?!?! Wow.
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    I'm having this error when I try to log in.
    Notice: Undefined variable: username in /var/www/pex/index.php on line 20
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    try downloading version 1.0.2, i changed some code, maybe it will work now. let me know of any bug please
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    looks pretty good :D. Going to test it out
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    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user 'username'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in C:\xampp\phpMyAdmin\index.php on line 32-Cannot connect to mysql server-

    -I keep Getting This Everytime I Try Logging In.Can You Help?
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    CRaziY you need to set the database login/password too...
    you can change it in configuration.php
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    I have already set the database Username/Password.

    And It keeps giving me the same message as before.(Though as a different user)

    Do I change the $mysql_username/$mysql_password(Code Located in Index.php) .
    Into Something?
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    no. you just need to change the configuration.php file... make sure you using the correct host/user/pass/database... that error means something like this is incorrect.

    Access denied for user 'username'@'localhost'

    you didnt changed the username i think... i set it to "username" by default... you need to change it for your mysql database... usually is root.
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    Well,I changed it,But I didn't release it,Should I?

    And MySql Database?I made the database and username the same.Is that wrong??
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    humm its wierd, in your error it says you didnt changed the username... by the way what version you have?

    Thanks ;)
    Im waiting for more suggestions to change/add/remove... whatever you think will make it better

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    The Version i have is 1.02

    On a side note:Can you or someone make a video for this?

    Also:Are you Sure I don't Change Anything From the Index.php?
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    you dont need to change ANYTHING from the index.php... only configuration.php u have there yout panel user/pass and yout database things (host/user/pass/database) its all u need for this tool
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