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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by PhonicUK, Sep 23, 2011.

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    so what are the exact differences when you buy a server vs free one?
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    The free has an 8 user limit.
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    The Free version has an 8 user limit, as well as a message saying you are using McMyAdmin every 30 minutes. MCMA2 will also have MultiWorld restrictions of 5 worlds as well as the multiuser feature disabled.
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    4 worlds (to allow for Normal, Nether, Ender and 1 extra)
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    PhonicUK - Need to ask something, if I manually edit the permissions file, will it automatically show up on the list in admin panel?
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    Depends on which permissions file, but in practice - no.

    If you edit a plugin specific file then definitely no, if you edit MCMAs groupinfo.json then you can tell MCMA to reload it via a terminal command.
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    hmm... i might need a bit of help with this, and no doubt you've probably heard plenty of login problems but-
    - Where do we get/ change/use our usernames and passes from (by this I am asking do we use our MC accounts defaults or...?

    - Where do we get out port and most importantly, our hostname from.

    *The daily routine: When i try to get this working, i Start up my server, without hamachi, of course, and it boots up, and runs the web page. everything is just fine at this point. However when i try to log in Via the app, and i put my computers IP in for the hostname so that i may connect, and for the port i use 8080 (Mcmyadmin's main server port to use) and yet, it never is to be able to connect...

    so again, since ive asked a ton of people, all who gave very, VERY shallow and unhelpful information on exactly how to log in, im hoping you will be able to tell me just how on earth I log in to this app and where i get my information. anyways if anyone is spending time to read this and trys to help, thanks a million! :p
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    The default username is 'admin', you can only change it by editing the McMyAdmin.conf file.

    Your hostname is your external IP address. There's a guide on the PhonicUK wiki for how to configure your firewall to allow McMyAdmin through. You also need to port forward port 8080 to allow outside connections.
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    Josh Sagnella

    Is the MCMA_Compat plugin broken? It's throwing up errors in the latest (2037) bukkit.
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    I'm having the same problem. PhonicUK it's kinda important :)
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    my remake of mcma compat plugin - working on 1.2.3
    no exploits, no backdoors, but i cannot post sourcecode here (i dont have copyright for it, its Phonic's)

    before using this, remove MCMA_compat.jar plugin
    if it still doesnt work, rename it to MCMA_compat.jar :)
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    I'm using this and it works perfectly, thank you very much DarkKnightCZ.
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    I'll be updating the plugin for 1.2.3 once a recommended build is available.
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    how can i allow people to find my server, when they go to multiplayer, how do they log into my server?
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    You need to set up port forwarding and give them your external IP address.
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    Can I use Mcmyadmin with another computer with personal edition?
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    Yes. All editions allow you to access McMyAdmin remotely. The only limitation on Personal is the 8 player limit (and in MCMA2, a limit of 4 worlds and no multiuser support) (Also you don't need to cross post)
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    Hi PhonicUK,

    I am really happy to try Mcmyadmin which is really usefull for administration. The only matter is that my friend can't reach my server. May I explain, I've set a port (let's say : 1337) that I forwarded in my router, so I have given this address : my-public-address:1337.

    When my friend tries to connect, he has an error : internal exception java.net.sockettimeoutexception read timed out

    I have no firewall, JAVA7 (all older version removed), my ports forwarded.

    What can be wrong with the ports or the server ? Thank you for your help.
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    When i try to add a color to my prefix like &4[Owner], When i tab out of the page, itll add amp in between the numbers and make it green. Example: &3Co-Owner turns into &amp3co-owner, in game it turns green.
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    Is there anyway I can connect to this from my website to get the groups and group members?
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    I use the newest version of McMyAdmin.

    Sometimes you have "Read Time Out", McMyAdmin does'nt fix it....

    Then I need to go to SSH, and do command: killall -9 java
    to fix it... and then McMyAdmin auto restarts.

    Why McMyAdmin doesn"t do this. Minutes past and nothing done.
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    Because a 'read time out' can happen entirely legitimately. If you had something that restarted the server after a certain number of read time outs, it can be very easily exploited to make the server keep restarting. It's simply not a good metric for deciding to restart the server.
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    Locked at user request.
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