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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by PhonicUK, Sep 23, 2011.

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    The most widely used web admin panel for Minecraft - Over 15000 servers and still growing.

    For Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS servers.


    • Live state tracker to monitor for server crashes and stalls, taking action as necessary.
    • Integrated event scheduler to perform automated restarts, backups and much more.
    • Built-in backup manager to make sure that you never lose your prized creatons.
    • Easy installation and setup. Just unzip and run, no need to configure separate web servers or database systems.
    • Simple one-click installations and updates. No need for host intervention to perform upgrades.
    • Attractive, standards compliant web interface. Tested on all major browsers.
    • Powerful API makes integration with your own applications easy.
    • Support for popular bukkit permissions plugins.
    • Automated diagnostics help you quickly find problems with your server.
    See a feature tour at http://mcmyadmin.com/Tour.aspx

    McMyAdmin is freely available for personal servers with up to 8 players, and the Pro version is available for larger servers at http://mcmyadmin.com/

    McMyAdmin was the first dedicated Web admin tool for Minecraft and is now over a year old. It supports many popular permissions plugins (with more being added reguarly), and is in use by more than 15 different hosting companies for their customers.
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    Hey good work! I already know this app, like every admin would, but I can't understand how it works... Where do I have to place my server's files?
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    Just downloaded and bought me two licenses ^^, though when I bought the second license it was the exactly the same.
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    If you have an existing Minecraft server installation, just drop its contents in the "Minecraft" folder that's in the archive. So you have Minecraft/world and Minecraft/plugins etc etc. McMyAdmin will figure the rest out for itself.

    That's how the licence system works - see this entry in the FAQ:

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    Hello wondering i have brought mcmyadmin and wondering how to put the server status thing onto my website i need it to be in html format so please help :D i use www.enjin.com
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    Few Questions.

    1) Can I change the panel to a different port other then 8080.
    2) Is it compatible with bukkit permissions?
    3) Well I be able to make accounts for my admins so they can access the panel
    4) Does this detect read time out errors. (Repeating of read time out in the console)
    5) What about out of memory(Don't need it just wondering)
    6) Free updates for life?
    7) Does this support dev builds of bukkit. If not is there a way I can force it to?
    8) Can I customize the server start command?(change the java args)
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    1) Yes!
    2) Yes!
    3) No!
    4) I think so...
    5) Dunno...
    6) Think so...
    7) Manual!
    8) Yes!

    (I'm not the dev, just a user :p)
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    Alright I'll wait for the dev to answer the ones you don't know :p
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    How much does this cost AUD? :D
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    Two questions.

    1. What is the URL for my banner, say for my server "IP : port/?"
    *Looked/searched under the wiki/forum but couldn't find any info on it.

    2. Is it possible to have that chat and server status page integrated onto a website minus the "stop server"/"start server" of course.
    *The chat page works "http://IP : port/Chat.html" but you still need to log on which is a huge security problem.
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    ***wrong post sry***
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    1) Yes (See McMyAdmin.conf)
    2) Yes (At the moment: PermisssionsBukkit, Permissions 3.x, Essentials Group Manager. More being added soon)
    3) Not yet (Coming soon!)
    4) Yes (depending on what causes it)
    5) Yes (This usually causes a SEVERE error which triggers a restart)
    6) Yes
    7) It won't stop you, but you have to replace the craftbukkit.jar yourself. It won't automatically use them.
    8) Yes (See McMyAdmin.conf)

    Any type of server stall will be detected (and a restart will be triggered) as long as one of the following conditions are met:

    A) The console itself stops responding for more than 5 minutes
    B) The server raises a 'SEVERE' error. This can be turned off to cope with buggy plugins.

    If you want to see the current plans for the future, see http://wiki.phonicuk.com/McMyAdmin-Roadmap.ashx

    The free version has *all* the features intact and usable for you to evaluate it properly. The only restriction is the player limit.

    Normal price would be around 15.77 AUD, at the moment though it's on sale for 1/2 that amount (7.88 AUD)

    1) If you browse to the panel via your external IP - go to the Preferences -> Server features tab. There's a link for 'view image' for the status image. It'll take you to the image URL you can use anywhere.

    2) Not directly. If you wanted to do that, you'd have to leverage the McMyAdmin API via PHP to get that information yourself. It's a JSON based API so the information is very easy to make sense of.
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    yah im gonna get it xD how long sale last :DD
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    Until the end of the month, so get it fast!
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    How long does it take to get a key..? I guess I'll just run the server without it until I come back from all my errands.
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    For me it was instant, just logged onto my e-mail and it was there, used PayPall though.
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    @flying_pancake - If you're having problems getting the key (it often gets caught in spamboxes) - first check spam for a message from [email protected] or failing that use the Contact page to request it to be re-sent.
  18. Never mind it works now.
    But i have another "problem"
    when i look at my bannaner it's say localhost:"port" does it just say that for me or should i edit it some how ?

    Btw i love this so i just bought a licens :3
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    Strange enough for me I created a new server which says localhost:6902 on the banner (being that I left the IP blank under the server settings) as the server has multiple IP addresses so that's not a issue but the old server on the same machine though the port is set to 6901 has the default port showing instead.

    Not sure if its the order of the server settings under "server.properties" or something but just haven't had time to fiddle around.
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    Its the 'serveraddress' setting in McMyAdmin.conf - its only used for that banner.
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    Is bPermissions supported?
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    Not yet. But soon.
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    So when it is i'll be able to update user permissions from the Web UI? :D
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    bPermissions also has its own webUI if you wanted to try that

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    I like, but its way more convenient to have it all in one place.

    Where can I post feature requests? I have some good ideas.

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    I already bought a copy but forgot the code in the email. Can i get it back?
    I deleted the email
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    Use the contact form on phonicuk.com to request it to be resent.
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    Just released, McMyAdmin!

    * Improvement: Updated support for the latest version of mChat.
    * Improvement: Updated MCMA_compat plugin to r16B.
    * Improvement: MCMA_compat supports new MCMA commands
    * Added new 1.8.1 'Difficulty' setting to the web UI
    * Improvement: Webserver performance enhancements.

    Update via the in-panel updater, or download from McMyAdmin.com
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    Works beautifully. Did you update the web interface as well? Getting slightly less tab-jumping. Still there, but seems to be less.
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