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    The alternative donation webstore system for Minecraft.
    What is MinecraftMarket?

    MinecraftMarket is a web based shopping system which will allow you to sell just about anything that can be executed via a command. This allows just about anything to be sold via your web store.
    What makes MinecraftMarket different?

    MinecraftMarket was designed around the idea of being flexible and able to adapt to whatever situation it needs to be, so customization is a priority for us. However we also wanted to release something that was for everyone and not just big servers so we really dont restrict any features compared to most other systems out there.

    Features include:

    • Multiple Markets
    • Multiple Servers
    • Themes/CSS
    • Subdomain/CNAME system
    • Currency support
    • Changeable Logo's, Market covers & Backgrounds
    • Banning system
    • Modules - (Top donator, Server status, Monthly goal, Textbox, Recent donators)
    • Global commands
    • Required items - (Require a user to purchase a specific set of items first)
    • Manual payments
    • Custom variables
    • Sales
    • Discount codes
    • In-game GUI - (We actually pushed this feature before similar systems did)
    • Item images
    • Expiry, Chargeback, Renewal & Refund commands
    • Changeable in-game gui icons - (For categories and items in the GUI)
    • Free carts
    • Server activity stats
    • Payment graphs
    Gateways supported:
    • Paypal
    • Paymentwall
    Features to be added:

    • More gateways - (Stripe, Google Wallet, PaySafeCard)
    • Changeable fee per gateway
    • Integration (Advanced API Based.)
    • In-game recent donor list
    • Subscription payments
    • Language Translation
    • Email notifications
    • And a few secrete features we don't want people to know about yet!
    Example Markets:

    So how do we start using Minecraft Market?

    • Sign up at http://www.minecraftmarket.com
    • Create your first market and add your server to generate a API-KEY.
    • Create some items and make sure your server is enabled on them items.
    • Download the plugin and install onto your server then restart.
    • After the server restart edit the plugin config.yml and enter your servers API-KEY.
    • Reload the plugin using the /mm reload command.
    • DONE!
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    How does this differ from Buycraft?
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    Well I wanted to create something that was not just for paid users, instead its primary features are totally free since most of the Minecraft community is a collection of smaller servers who don't necessarily have funding to splash on external systems such as this.

    So we thought we would try and give smaller servers a opportunity to get the funding they need by not restricting our free accounts to the point its worthless even having one and instead we only restrict features which are not needed to run a functional market and instead are just really handy to have.

    We also like to think outside the box, while this may not be apparent right now it will be soon, the only feature I can use to vouch for this statement is the in-game GUI we released it first and we are continuing to improve it further with changeable in-game icons, pagination and subcategories.

    Its only just now that have finally reached a point where we have caught up to other systems of this sort so now will be the time where we can start to become a unique service.
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    I look forward to seeing future development of this. Hopefully this is as a efficient and as useful as Buycraft :)
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    Thanks, so far we have had some really good support and with any luck hopefully it continues!
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    "adaptable and flexible to suite every user."
    You mean suit?
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    Everybody makes me mistakes haha, I would correct mine if I could find where i make that spelling mistake...

    Found it lmfao.
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    When will it have support for more than 1 gateway? :p I'm only waiting Paymentwall and BitCoin to change to MinecraftMarket ;P
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    This is actually pretty awesome. I'll try using this in the future.
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    In contact with PaymentWall right now waiting for them to reply and we will see where it goes from there! as for bitcoin if you can show me a decent amount of people that paying with it i can push it up the list.
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    Paymentwall is the most needed :p thank you :)
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    Having to pay 15$ for custom CSS really turns me off imo.
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    If you look at the bigger picture we don't restrict anything that is not needed, on a free account you are given access to everything to run a functional market. We only restrict things that are considered extras for premium only users.
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    I just want paygol gateway ^^

    It is 15$ lifetime payment
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    Really nice software to use, defiantly a better alternative to BuyCraft. Keep up the good work!
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    Paymentwall has now been added, the new plugin will be released in approx 1 days time.
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    New plugin update, pending approval on dev bukkit right now.
  19. xxxkilldogxxx
    Very cool. Will definitely consider using this :)
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    Awesome glad to hear it!
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    Version 1.8.2 of the plugin has now been released on dev bukkit.
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