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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Gravity, Jan 24, 2014.

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    AntiCheat 2.0 introduces a powerful new enterprise system for server network managers. With AntiCheat Enterprise, you can manage the settings of all your servers and players from anywhere.
    In addition to these new Enterprise features, AntiCheat 2.0 introduces a host of new compatibility and user-friendly changes that focus on stability easy use of the plugin.
    Advanced logging capabilities
    Checks that are failed by users on your server will be stored in a database and can be reviewed online. Administrators can view logs for a specific user, server, check, or time to review events.
    Level syncing
    User’s levels are synchronized across all connected servers, and will persist even when a player leaves one server to go to another on your network. The user’s levels can be changed or reset from your web interface, and will be changed on all the connected servers.
    Global configuration
    No longer is it a hassle to manually update configuration files on your server. By simply configuring your server to use the enterprise system, you can globally edit your server’s groups and levels online.

    1. Install AntiCheat 2.0 or higher to your Bukkit server
    2. Start AntiCheat to generate its configuration files
    3. Edit plugins/AntiCheat/enterprise.yml and configure your MySQL server’s connection details. In this file you may additionally customize the server’s name and other options.
    4. When you’ve properly configured your enterprise settings, edit plugins/AntiCheat/config.yml and set the system.enterprise value to true
    5. Restart AntiCheat, ensuring it properly connects to your database
    6. Download the AntiCheat Enterprise Web Panel as either a .zip or .tar.gz
    7. Move the contents of the ‘website’ folder found inside the archive to your webserver’s root directory, or a subdirectory you wish to use, such as ‘anticheat’ (so that your panel can be accessed by http://yourdomain.com/anticheat).
    8. Edit the config.php file and configure your MySQL server’s connection details
    9. Access the web panel by navigating to the directory where placed the website files in step 7 (such as http://yourdomain.com/anticheat).
    10. Create a superuser using the installation interface, choosing a secure password for your new user. Once you have filled in the required fields, click the Install button.
    11. Delete the install.php file and navigate back to your panel’s index. You should now be able to login with your new username and password and use the AntiCheat Enterprise Web Panel.
    Setup Video

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    We use it on ShockNetwork. It's so amazing. We've had the honor of testing it and helping Gravity fix bugs and suggest new features. Can say he's a great guy to work with and strives to have a great product. Definitely recommend for anyone with a network :)
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    Woah looks awesome! Great job. I might switch from NCP :p
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    Its making the ac_users table, but its not adding the row to the user/password fields :/
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    Apologies, just fixed!
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    Hey, this looks fantastic! :)
    I'm having a bit of trouble setting it up though, and wondering if you could help.
    I'm currently trying to set up a super user, but once I fill in the details and click install, I receive a message saying :
    Fatal error: Cannot pass parameter 4 by reference in D:\Hosting\10913855\html\anticheat\install.php on line 37.

    Any idea how I could fix this? Thanks.
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    I've just pushed a fix that covers this (probably while you were typing it) - simply redownload the file and it'll be good to go. Sorry about that!

    Also: If you want, you can just extract the 'install.php' file from a newly downloaded archive into your existing installation, since that's the only file that was changed. No need to extract it all over again if you don't want to.
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    Thanks a lot! That worked perfectly :)
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    Looks incredible, can tell that you spent a lot of time working on this.
    Great job Gravity - hope to see it used on many servers in the future!
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    Thanks very much! A huge thank-you to drtshock and lDucks who have put a lot of their personal time and effort into making this come to life.
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    Very nice! I would suggest adding multi user support, other than that its great!
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    Looks great :)
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    Are we going to be able to create new user accounts on enterprise soon?
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    Can't save groups for some reason. Could this be a problem with https? I tried the exact syntax from the image to make sure I'm doing it right too. http://puu.sh/6yeU5.png
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    iEpix Mausterio - yes, this is coming up very shortly.
    Niquecraft - can you please check the error logs for your webserver to see if you get any errors?

    For anyone curious about the setup, I've added a video to the thread to show the process!
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    This is from the developer console from Chrome:
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) https://niquecraft.net/anticheat/ajax/table.php?user=
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) https://niquecraft.net/anticheat/util/SaveGroup.php
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    Could you see if there's any logs from the webserver itself? That tells us what happened but not why it happened.
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    Do you think you could improve the level of lag accumulated by loading the main page when there's like 10,000+ entries in the log? It takes the page about 20 seconds to load because of all the individual records. Gravity
  20. Good job. Definitely going to start using this :)
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    Very impressive. Seems like cheaters never win ;)
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    Multi-user support has been added!

    For now, here's what the privilege levels means:
    SuperAdmin: This user has full access to the system, including all administrative actions, and can create / edit / delete users.
    Admin: This user has access to the logs, the groups and levels configurations, and can change player's cheat levels.
    User: This user has read-only access. They can see logs and user's levels, but can change nothing (aside from editing their own password).

    If you want to upgrade from an older version, simply make a copy of your config.php file, replace all the old files with the new ones, overwrite the blank config.php with the one you saved, and delete the install.php file. No need to install it over again.
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    Gravity are the config pages done yet? Or is it just me? config-pages.PNG
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    @carlgo check the server log for errors. Note that the latest version is built to work with the magic and lang configuration capabilities of AntiCheat 2.0.2 dev builds, but the old ones should work just fine. Not sure why they wouldn't be showing up for you.
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    Gravity Nothing in the log. I found something different AntiCheat issue in the apache log though, here's that part.
    I can't find anything with the empty config pages though. If you're interested in the bug you can PM me on irc.esper.net and I can setup some authentication to the anticheat site.
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    I just fixed those errors from Apache
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    carlgo11 And I just fixed the issues with the configurations not working. Sorry about that! There were some changes to the config.php so if you update you'll need to make sure you get the changes in that file as well.
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    Gravity lDucks Okay thanks :)

    heh new bug I'm afraid :rolleyes:
    I cannot login. When pressing the login button nothing happens.
    I've tried with Chrome, IE & firefox but it's the same on all of them.

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    Anything in the logs? Have you tried just hitting enter?
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    Hey Gravity – first off, AMAZING job on this. This is amazing what you've done here, and it makes being a server owner all the easier.

    I've run into a few problems on my installation so far, though. Some of them I've solved with methods I'm unsure about, though – others remain unsolved.

    First issue was setting up MySQL from the enterprise.yml file. I could only get it to link up with my MySQL database when I put 'localhost' in for the hostname, since my server and MySQL database are on the same system. However, no matter what I put into that hostname slot (e.g. the domain and actual IP of my machine), I couldn't get it to link up.

    Second issue I'm having is that I cannot seem to create users on my installation. Whenever I click "Save", I get a blank red banner at the top of my screen, and then it closes, with no changes to the users I have registered.

    Thirdly and finally, could it be possible to not have to sign in every time you reload or change pages? It gets extremely tiresome and makes it hard to use.

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