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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by ChadTheDJ, Jan 5, 2011.

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    I know I love to control my server remotely with a web application that can access admin commands, chat, server control (like restart, stop, and start), and other control features (for windows too...). Will there be a way to do that with Bukkit? That is a HUGE must for me because I usually on the go and be an admin on my iPhone or Laptop.
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    from windows will be bsm and we might come with a c# web app
    but the web app might become earlier then we make it :)
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    I have already started working on something similar by messing around with WPF Browser applications, but since that is bound to Windows servers (I think), I will do a Java web app port if I can make it.
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    Nice. I am glad to see that some people are looking to into this
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    the MobileAdmin plugin on hMod works great and comes with an android apk.

    i'd love a plugin-based control panel especially if i could host it remotely. i have 2 servers with my host, the minecraft one and the webpage one and they're not connected so i can't have a stats webpage. thankfully MCStats includes a workaround that doesn't require apache. something like that would be great.
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    Yeah, I love MCStats and I just added that to my site. Players love it and they can see easily who is the best (most dedicated) person on. The auto ranking with achievements is very nice and I hope those will move with the switch. Having dynamic web content for your server will greatly increase members and this should be just standard.

    My bad :(

    Something that I would like to see as well is a plugin that creates a form for a website to auto add to a whitelist in the Minecraft SQL server. I have been figuring that out and so far no luck. My lack of PHP is affecting that.
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