weather on certain chunks

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    EDIT: If you could do what I explained here with just time, that would also work.

    Hey, all that I request, hopefully isn't too hard or impossible... is that you can set like a 35x35 radius, and in that radius it will always be dark and lightning or viceversa, so you can choose the radius and have any kind of weather in or out of that radius. If you dont understand what I mean, I will tell you what I need it for. On my server the spawn is a graveyard, so I thought it would be cool if whenever you were in the graveyard or walked in it, it would be dark, and always lightning, and when you walked out it would turn nice and sunny. thanks for your time

    p.s. I searched for plugins like this but I had no such luck, if there is a plugin for this, please direct me towards it, thanks :)
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    weather is global i believe. not sure if you can control it on a chunk by chunk, or custom area, manor.
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    could it possibley be changed for one person only so only one can see it, and it only happens in one area that you go in, perhabs triggered if they step on pressure plates?
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    Please search for a plugin before you request it. I typed "weather" into search and found Regional Weather.

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