We would all benefit from a quest plugin that works with heroes.

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    Hello friends I would really appreciate it if someone made a plugin that allows server owners to combine awesome abilities and exp gain of heroes with the famous rpg (role playing game) feature called quests. For as long as I can remember there has always been some sort of quest type game play and a variety of classes and or races available to players in these types of games also how much time players on games like world of war craft and maplestory lasted which was more than was recommended Maplestory has 92 million users and world of war craft has about 3 million. As unbelievable as that may seem it is very true. Two of maple story's main attractions are the amazingly countless amount of quest that are available and the large amount of players on the game. Now imagine how much people and how long people would play on a minecraft server with quests in it. It would be like doing notch a favor.

    The type of plugin a lot of people would prefer is the one that allows players to interact with an actual npc that gives exp and or items. Another nice feature would be adding some sort of npc that allows the player to store items in his inventory maybe for some money
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    can you make this plugin i would really appreciate it! [creeper]
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    ServerOwner5000 how about this? It's called Campaign. Still a work in progress, I'm working on giving exp in heroes as a reward.
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    Try to tie it into the citizens plugin it would make it even better hope im not asking for too much you have done so much already :D and did you create it for me? or because of me? just wondering.
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    Actually, Heroes has already done that part for you... if you look in the config.yml once you download and put in your server plugins folder... yada yada yada.... at the bottom you will see a "Citizens" Part which lets you enable if citizens is used on your server and if you want it to be chained in.

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