Way to get creative into survival

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    So basically make it so they cannot do /gm adventure or /gm 2

    If people switch to adventure mode while in creative they can then put the items in their creative inventory into a chest (infinite diamonds). This is very bad and I was wondering if there was a way to either A: get rid of adventure mode or B: make it so they can't switch to adventure mode. I just need it gone

    No commands

    No permissions

    EDIT: I notice the title error. I can't change it though so whatever.
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    Can you interact with chests in adventure mode?
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    Yeah. That is how they get it from creative to survival.
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    I Suggest making it So you cant open chests (pickup items) in Adventure mode
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    So you need a plugin that checks if a person tries to go into adventure mode from creative, and stop them.
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    And how would I do that matt?

    edit: If I could do that there would still be furnaces, workbench, and enderchest to make it so they can't enter. I like pogos idea.
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    Would this work?


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    No that was my first plugin I tried lol. Doesn't fix the adventure mode thing unfortunately.


    I really need this

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    Really need this
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    Locked. Excessive bumping.
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