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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by notTimoel, Feb 8, 2020.

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    I recently experimented with the new painting animation feature in Minecraft and wondered if it might be possible to create a plugin where you could select a video file or even a YouTube video link and then play it in Minecraft and watch it with other players could. So what do you think about it? Would something like that be feasible or not possible? sorry for my bad English
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    Potentially, but I imagine the framerate would be very low.
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    This is possible. Check out this post on reddit. The videos are limited to 20 FPS, because even though Minecraft is a 60FPS game, it runs at 20TPS, so the updating of the images would occur at that rate. So theoretically, one could make a plugin that downloads the video, assembles a big long image and ties it to the various paintings, creates the resource pack, and then loads the resource pack to the player. It would be quite the ordeal for a plugin to manage. And just as a bonus, it could even be possible to download the audio, convert it to an ogg file and swap out disc sounds for the video sound. Then you'd have audio and visual in MC.

    EDIT: Other things to consider, depending on the desired frame catch rate from the video and the resolution, you could end up with a pretty big file. It may not be very easy to download the file while in game. This one is 500MB in and of itself.

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