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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by glutan4, Aug 11, 2015.

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    So i could really need some help with a plugin,
    i've been recently working on like a Harry Potter RP server, and yes i know there are alot of them out there atm, but i wanna try to host one anyway.
    So i'm looking for a kind of a strange plugin! I whould like a plugin that spawns like a NPC (watcher) Or maybe just rename him to Filch which is the keeper of hogwarts. And i whould like him to be like a hunter!
    So let me describe more clearly below!

    Let's say i spawn him, and i want all "students" (players) to be in thier common room at a certain time of the day (minecraft time) So for example, lets say after 9 AM he looks for students/ players and if he collides with them he sends then to what ever house hold they are in. So he would walk around areas that i (the owner) of the server will point out. that's my idea

    And i know that this might be unpossible to do, cause maybe he get's stuck in a wall or something, or maybe it's just too much work, but hey i gotta ask right? cause otherwise i wont know :)

    So this is just a request, just tell me if it's impossible to do it! Thx
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    That would be very, very, very hard to do. You can use the citizens plugin to spawn the NPC and make it move, but the part about colliding with the player and such wouldn't be possible with it. I'm not experienced enough, but maybe someone can try to make a Citizens addon that adds collision checking?
  3. It isn't soo hard. Either edit the pathfinder goals of the custom npc, or use Citizens API to check collision (@glutan4 never said anything with player collision)
  4. One question, you need that the NPC collides or if the player is in visual range punish him?

    I like the idea but I want to make the custom ai so it won't be done in the near future

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    If the player is in a visual range of the NPC he will run to the player and when the NPC collides with the player the player will be tpd to his/her common room :) But having a visual range punish whould be cool, like
    Filch sees you, a message comes up on your screen: "Filch got his eyes on you, Get back to your common room now!"

    or something like that
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