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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Ugleh, Jan 19, 2013.

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    This video was made for people learning to create a plugin, and want to see a person creating a plugin. Without me actually teaching you anything.

    I just released CreeperBow, which was inspired by notch in the 2 player production documentary where he made arrows explode on impact.
    I decided to just record me creating the plugin because I knew it wouldn't take that long. 20 minutes, not that long. I attempted at all might not to use the Javadocs, which I didn't so im proud my brain didn't fail me.
    The difference between the video below and the released version is I added a config file, I also added Infinite Arrow enchantment, and permissions.
    I suggest 1080 Full Screen if you really want to see what im typing and exc.

    Release Video
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    if(p.getGameMode != GameMode.SURVIVAL){
    //removes the item
    }else if(p.getGameMode == GameMode.CREATIVE){
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    Why would you cancel the event if someones in Creative mode? That removes the explosion all together.

    My method works fine.
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    I wish you would have filmed the demo in the daytime so I could actually see something instead only hearing your narration and an explosion.
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    Yea i know. I could see it though but wasnt thinking about the quality it would come out as.

    Made a new one in daylight

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    Just note that you can shoot with any bow, and then quickly switch to the creeper bow :3
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    Never said, it didn't. I was merely purposing that as a defence, so creative players aren't so OP.
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    Doesn't make much sense to give the power only to non creative members hard coded.

    Well as long as you have the creeper bow I don't see any problems with this...

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    Just talking about durability :p. If you shoot with a normal bow and switch to the creeper bow, only the normal bow gets damaged
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    yea wasn't thinking about durability. Should I do a check on EnttiyShootBowEvent and add the user to a arraylist, and then check it in the ProjectileHit event?
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    yes. Well you rather want to store the Projectile's UUID in a HashSet and check for that in the ProjectileHitEvent :3
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    1.Try the durability thingy.
    2. Is there permissions for this? Like if someone donates $40 they get a "Creeper Bow"...
    3. If you don't like 1 & 2, I assume this is just an extreme terraforming tool.
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