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    Me and a few others are planning on launching a big Anarchy/PVP server, where people can form teams and go to war/raid/loot other teams. I know it looks like I wrote a ton here but I don't think it is too complicated compared to some of the stuff I've seen around here, I wrote a lot because the more descriptive the easier to implement.

    Description: This plugin would allow players to create a team with the name of their choice and invite players to it. By default players in teams would have a gray name (instead of white), and ideally this would show in both chat and overhead. A teams color would also be able to be edited by an admin (via editing a text file on the server is fine), so that the owners of the server can give teams that become big and powerful their own color (red,blue,green,etc). Each team will also have a total of 4 available ranks with simple permissions listed below. Lastly, the team leader is able to "claim land" for his team via command. The size of this claim would grow depending on how many members are in the team . (Members x 25)(Max size 300x300) (This means if there is 3 members the claim size is 75x75, if it is 20, then it is the max size of 300x300) if one team's claim size grows and begins to overlap another team's claim, the claim that was there first will supersede the new one by not allowing the other to grow further. A claim is a specially protected area. What this means is that when there is less than 20%(maybe this percent could be set as a setting by an admin) of a team's members online, the team's claim may not be modified by anyone who is not in the team. If there are 20% or more team players online, than a land may be griefed/built on/destroyed by any player (it is the online team's job to defend its claim). Ideally a leader can move it's team claim once a week. I will explain more below.

    -Each team has a total of 4 possible ranks, these ranks can be renamed.

    --Rank 1: "Leader", build/destroy on team land when less than 30%
    Commands: /tInvite, /tKick, /tClaim, /tRankName, /tPromote, /tInfo
    --Rank 2: "Captain", build/destroy on team land
    Commands: /tInvite, /tKick, /tInfo
    --Rank 3: "Soldier", build/destroy on team land
    Commands: /tInfo
    --Rank 3: "Recruit", no abilities but part of the team.
    Commands: /tInfo

    -- /tCreate <TeamName> :Creates team with team name, must not be in a team.
    -- /tInvite <PlayerName> :Invites a player to a team, invitee must not be in team.
    -- /tAccept :Accepts most recent team invite, must not be in a team. (Should update a team's claim size)
    -- /tLeave : Player leaves a team. (Should update a team's claim size)
    -- /tKick : Kicks a player from the team. (Should update a team's claim size)
    -- /tClaim : Claims a land for a team, origin at the current coordinate. Can only be used once a week, each time it is used it first removes the old claim land from protection then applies the new area.
    -- /tRankName <RankNumber> <RankName> : Changes the name of a rank, defaults above.
    -- /tPromote <PlayerName> <RankNumber> : Promotes a player to a new rank, can also demote.
    -- /tInfo : Gives info on the team such as Team Name, Players listed by rank, claim size(but not location).

    Would someone be up to doing a plugin like this? I think it would be really useful to many people.

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