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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Kuba09xAzt, Sep 1, 2023.

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    So i got a Minehut box server and I got ranks like VIP; MVP etc. and I want ONLY Vip to access too /warp vipmine and ONLY Mvp Acces too /warp mvpmine, i have essentials downloadded but when i try to add essentials.warps.vipmine to the vip rank on luckperms it doesnt work. Help please
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    Hi Kuba To set up LuckPerms permissions for Essentials warps, you need to
    1. Make sure that you have LuckPerms, Vault, and EssentialsX installed on your Minehut server.
    2. Create a LuckPerms group for each rank that you want to give permissions to. For example, you could create a group called VIP and a group called MVP.
    3. Add the appropriate players to each group.
    4. Give the VIP group the essentials. warps.vipmine permission.
    5. Give the MVP group the essentials. warps.mvpmine permission.
    Once you have done this, players in the VIP group will be able to use the /warp vipmine command, and players in the MVP group will be able to use the /warp mvpmine command.
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    so I put the perm essentials.warps.vipmine on vip but i tried it but it didnt work? And i made sure i got EssentialsX, Vault and Luckperms
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