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    Plugin category: Fun?

    Minecraft version: Spigot 1.10

    Suggested name:

    What I want: A plugin that will warn a player when another player does /warn (Usage: /warn <player> <reason>) then it will send 2 messages that is customizable, one to the author of the warn and one to the player getting warned. After 3 warns /tempban <player> 30 M Three warns! will be executed as the player. All of this can be changed in config and, command is sent as player. Also, when a player gets temp banned for three warns that players warns get reset. There would also be a feature to check player's warns. (Usage: /checkwarns <player>). Also lets a player messes up a warn the player can use /delwarn <player>. Again, pretty much everything needs to be customizable, including no permission messages.

    Ideas for commands:
    warn <player> <reason> | Will warn player.
    /delwarn <player> | Will delete one warn.
    /checkwarns <player> | Will list all of that player's warns.
    /resetwarns <player> | Will reset all warns for player.

    Ideas for permissions:
    warns.warn | Will allow the player to use /warn (Default: OP)
    warns.delwarn | Will allow the player to use /delwarn (Default: OP)
    warns.check | Will allow the player to use /checkwarns (Default: OP)
    warns.reset | Will allow the player to use /resetwarns (Default: OP)

    When I'd like it by: Before end of week :)

    If you need anything explained in more detail feel free to ask :D
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    Like this, link?
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    Don't wanna use category's
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    Don't. Seriously. MaxBans will make your life 10x easier.
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    I am using AdvancedBan for bans.
    Anyway, I still need this :(
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    Does not have customizable messages and it uses its own ban system. I know all this because this is my temporary one.


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