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    Hey all.

    I am working on a TC for Minecraft that will require some special play mechanics... most of which have already been satisfied through various plugins, however I am having some problems with my current design of lighting.

    In my TC I want to have some lights in areas, rooms, and buildings that flash on and off like a fluorescent light that's not working right. I have successfully done this using a blink machine with a randomiser, attached to two controllerblocks (using controllerblock plugin) for the on and off states of the light. Glowstone is textured like a fluro light, and I used sponge with the same texture for the off state.

    This works great in single player, but causes horrible lag in multiplayer for some reason. It's not the fault of controllerblock either, it's the flashing of the blink circuit.

    What I am hoping is that someone can make a plugin that can make another block (perhaps configurable block types can be specified in a config file?) that behaves just like glowstone, but randomly flickers on and off. This would eliminate the need for complex circuits that cause severe lag, or the need for controllerblock (at least for this particular design project).

    Any help at all would be appreciated, and as a few dev's here know I so my best to reward good work when possible.

    If any of you guys want to see what I am working on, feel free to take a look:
    IP - survivalcraft.keep.se:22222
    Official Texture pack (highly recommended) - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/604141/Minecraft/Death-Awaits.zip
    Inspired by Dead Frontier. Horror survival in a large city, where block destruction is not allowed, and the player must find all weapons and food items to survive. Crafting and construction are heavily restricted and chests act as "loot spots" for players to find various equipment and survival goods.

    The map is still being built, obviosuly... but a plugin as I have suggested (or something that will work as desired without the lag issues) would be fantastic if anyone can possibly help!


    Shameless BUMP

    Had some interest in the server, and one attempt at the plugin to no avail unfortunatley.
    Does anyone even know if this can be done at all or am I looking for the impossible?

    Thanks in advance, and thanks to the individuals who have had interest and made attempts.


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    Looked for a TL;DR, didn't find one, left.
    Misleading title, eh?
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    I'm not sure I follow your logic.
    For most people, more than three words is TL;DR.

    You DO know what TL;DR means right?

    Also, thank you for your meaningful contribution.

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    Too Long, Didn't Read.
    You must just mean "Too Long".
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    Fair enough, I guess that means you read it :)

    Too bad nobody seems interested in looking at this, or at least giving some information as to the potential possibility.

    Time to poke fullwall...

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    I would help, but I'm not familiar with Controllerblock, or any of those other mechanics that involve other plugins.
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    So it seems there was indeed some ; DR as well... I mentioned not wanting to use controllerblock at all. I would like the block to function on it's own without additional plugins.

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    Hmm. I might be able to actually do this...
    It would involve only placed glowstone, and would take some effort, but would be pretty simple and elegant from what I'm thinking. I'll try it tomorrow, remind me if you wish.
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    Daniel Heppner

    I don't understand any of your abbreviations.
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    You can't fix the lag. Or can you? Get more ram I suppose. Or use something more stable I guess.
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    Cool, I guess see what you can do. Fullwall has talked to me about this, and has informed me it may require client side modding.

    Google is your friend.

    It's nothing to do with the host system. The problem is the pathetic net-code for the way redstone relays in SMP. I have a Quad Core 3.1Ghz machine (overclocked), with 4Gb of RAM... It plays Crysis on ultra graphics settings at around 45fps (average)... There is only lag when using ultra rapid flashing circuits. We also tried it on my friends brand new i7 with 8Gb of RAM... he can run Crysis at 75fps average. There was zero difference.

    I hope to find a solution to this, since using redstone circuits is proving useless (though the new 1.6 update MAY fix the lag issues?). Currently, a SINGLE flasher circuit is causing horrible lag... and we would need several flasher circuits to do what we want, possibly 50+. It's just not going to be practical.

    Thanks again everyone, so far.

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    falsebook. Worked for me laglessly. Switches between glowstone and soulsand.
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    Did you by chance have it flashing back and forth at a rapid pace... constantly?
    If it works lag free, in that manner... then I may have to check it out ;D
    Thanks in advance for the reply.

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    Yes, I was making a creepy underground tunnel with flashing lights for my server's ghost.
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    Awesome. I will definitely check it out.

    I was hoping for something a little more light-weight in terms of plugins, but if falsebook works then I will use that unless someone still feels like making something purpose-built.

    Thanks again m5k :)


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