[WARNING] Plugin caused dupe glitch (NoLagg + ShowcaseStandalone)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by foldagerdk, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Plugin caused duplication glitch:

    Using both NoLagg and ShowcaseStandalone at once, can be a dangerous thing to do.
    Here's why:

    If two showcases of the same item is too close to each other, NoLagg will try to stack these, to cause less lag. However, this opens up for a duplication glitch. Usually ShowcaseStandalone prevents people from picking up the items, but when NoLagg is added, these items that are showcased will get stacked on one of the showcase areas. The one with no items will keep trying to add an item to it, which will be moved automatically to the area where it stacks. When there is more than one item, a player can toss a diamond to a diamond stack, and the protected diamonds will lose their protection. Therefore, a player can just pick these up, and walk away.
    This might also be possible if the player just tosses an item of the same kind as the showcase, to a single showcase.
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    Hmmm, thanks for the warning. I think i will be turning off NoLagg for a moment, i wasn't very happy with the plugin either so. Thanks!
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    No problem :)
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    I'm going to assume you notified the owners of those plugins before just posting it on the open forum...
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    Well just change the stacking radius to .5 untill you submit a real ticket to the coder of NoLagg.
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    Looks like a cool glitch! *finds server which uses both*
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    pretty much
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    Wasn't online for a while, but it is a bit weird that this happens. BKCommonLib keeps track of:
    • BleedingMobs
    • Showcase
    • ShowcaseStandalone
    To ignore certain items during item stacking, buffering and limiting. I have no idea why it fails to cancel out ShowcaseStandalone now...no warnings in the log about 'failed to verify item and has been disabled'?
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