[WARNING] Missing a prefix or suffix for Admins

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by QQCucumber, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Can anyone tell me where this error is coming from, and how to fix it? I'd rather not spend an hour troubleshooting and adding and removing plugins to see what's causing it when it doesn't seem to be affecting anything, but I'd still like to know why it's warning me.
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    Can you be more specific?
    Is this an error from the console?
    What versions of things are you using?
    Help us out here, we're not psychic magicians.
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    Padeius Etoh

    its prolly hero chat or ichat. pull those first. then put your server log up so we can see what your talking about.
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    I get the same problem :mad: permissions or group manager b740 newest versions of iChat and Permissions the console says "[Warning] Missing prefix or suffix for the group: Admin" i got it all good tho :eek: like

    prefix: &4
    suffix: [Admin]

    other than that i didn't tamper with it besides add my name to the users.

    I belive this is the same problem as QQCucumbe it happens with Groupmanager too. Is There any plugins that don't co-incide very well with any sort of Group Manager Or Permissions? I have so many i can't list

    Anyway Thanks
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    Are you using mcdocs?
    do you have 'null' in any of your info variables?
    try putting single quotes around your prefixes and suffixes.
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    It's herochat had the same problem. I just modified the message template in the config and that fixed it. I forgot how I mdofoed it since it was a long time ago...
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