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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by BeenCarl, Feb 6, 2012.

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    My friends and I run a server, but we ended up having some chunks corrupted and we used Chunkster to solve that. But we get an issue where creepers spawn at abnormally high rates and you cannot load the chunks without crashing the server. When I was there and it seemed stable enough to run I used /killall with essentials and it brought up 400,000+ mobs killed (can't quite remember exact but it was astronomical), compared to the normal amount of 200-300. Also it seems the mobs spawn from a source outward in a star pattern.

    Is there any possible way to solve this. It happened before to us when we had a server during 1.8 and we just restarted again.
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    Plugin list?
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    I cant check right now but i know theses are the ones that were there when it before
    • Essentials current happened with older versions
    • Worldguard happened with older
    • Iconomy current happened with older
    and those are the ones we had for sure might have had movecraft but we use autocraft now
    I'll get a better list in about 2 hrs gotta go to work

    Oh to add which I believe is the problem was that the computer that ran the server crashed and I think the server was stopped wrong so when the creeper was spawning it messed up information.

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