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    Minecraft version : 1.8.8
    Suggested name : Wars
    What I want:
    a simple last team standing it is like a deathmatch
    but it has small or some features
    how the game works
    before we start if possible to make the game prefix in config
    Modes each team has unique color
    1-doubles (8 teams). - Minimum players 6 to start a game

    2- squad 4v4v4v4. red, blue, lightgreen, yellow. Minimum teams 9 to start a game

    how the game works
    1-Chest randomly filled when the game start (2-4 items) all in config + percentage.
    2-Op chest open and refill after 120 seconds only for 15 seconds then the chest closes
    and the type of this chest is (Hexahedral Piston)
    with a hologram above it like timer when its open message in chat OP CHEST IS OPEN NOW!
    (OP chest is closed. Open in 120 seconds + countdown )
    (OP Chest is open!) when the chest is open it has flame spawner around it until the chest is closed.

    3-if the player died he goes to spectator mode.

    4-stats and stats system:
    *Win 20 points.
    *Kill 5 Points.

    points required for each level in config with prefix chat in config (this prefix only in pregamelobby or ingame)

    1000 Defender| Player

    5-When the game starts a boarder spawn around each team base for 15 seconds and the boarder size is 10 blocks (I don't know how to calculate it). and this boarder so the teams don't rush to middle.
    6-no hunger.
    7-player starts with stone axe and pickaxe with efficiency 2 enchant.
    8-no respawn for player just like survivalgames skywars etc,,,
    9-game time 20 mins, then the game end with no winner
    10-spectaor mode like any other plugins invis player + fly with compass to tp player and slime ball to hub teleport with gray name + SPEC prefix in tab

    11-top 10 players command for most kills , wins , points (if u can hologram too)
    12- no one can break enchanting table or the OP chest but anything else they can
    13- /shout or ! before msg to across chat
    arena setup
    1- /wars create arena-name type(doubles/3s/4s). then it gives u a wand(blaze rod) and green wool to save to select full map boarder so if someone exceed that he died after 3 second with warning msg in screen.

    2-/wars setspawn arena-name team-name.
    3-/wars setspec arena-name. for spectators.
    4-/wars arenalobby arena-name. for pregame lobby.
    5-/wars chest chest-type. to select chests (normal + OP chest) with wand(stick) and green wool to save.
    6-/wars save arena-name. the same the world in file called arenas so when the game end it rest arena.

    Pregame lobby items
    1-slime to return to lobby ,slot 9
    2-book for rules-No cheat etc. ,slot1
    3-head to choose ur teammate , slot 4
    in lobby there is a vote for maps , maps can be loaded from the maps file (saved)

    in pregame lobby / stats (points kills wins winstreak kd games-played)with Wars in the top server ip in bottom
    in game/ kills in game + your team name+ time until the game end + OP Chest timer
    Wars | Map : name
    Wars |Time remaining 190 seconds (if not enough players but 20 seconds if full)
    Wars |Player wants to defend their island!

    Wars |
    Player1 was slain by Player2 (all type of kills bow launched in void msg in config)

    Wars | OP chest is closed - if the player right click the op chest when its closed
    Wars | Red team won the game + msg on the screen of victory or lose

    if someone wins fire works effect pop off as default 5 seconds then teleport to wars lobby.

    team select
    check pictures for team invites + accept

    /wars play mode-type. shows a gui with available arena
    /wars qplay mode-type. to join most fully arena
    /wars admin shows arena setup
    /wars delete arena-name with confirm msg if possible
    /wars setmainlobby - spawn tp after game ends or players did /hub
    /wars top kills,wins,points
    /wars create lobby mode 1,2,3 etc..
    wars.Admin - for all admin commands + reload
    wars.player - for regular player commands /stats /play

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    I can do it in 1.17

    Should i do it?
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    my server is base on 1.8.8 i dont think 1.17 will work :(

    i will wait for a week if no one did it , i will message u to do it :D
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    I will give a crack at this in 1.8.8 :)
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    I'll give it a shot as well.
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