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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by GeekyCompz, Jun 3, 2016.

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    Name: WarDeclaration

    Dependencies: [Factions, MassiveCore]

    /war declare <faction> : Requests a war with a faction and requires approval from other faction.
    - /war forfeit : Forfeits the war.
    - /war upcoming : Lists upcoming wars and their current status.
    - /war leaderboard : Shows the top factions with the most wars won.
    - /war history [war_id] : Shows the most recent wars that have taken place with K/D.
    - /war lookup <faction> : Displays a specific faction's previous wars and statistics.

    How it works:
    I am in the faction of 'A' whilst my clan wants to attack the faction 'B'. The LEADER will request a war against 'B' and all members of the faction of 'B' will be notified that "A has declared war against your Clan"

    Now, if I am to type "/war upcoming" it will show who requested the war (A --> B) whilst also showing the status of the request (pending, waiting, engaged), so the message could be (A --[pending]--> B).

    The leaderboard is self-explanatory.

    The history will show the most recent wars and their results, alongside a detailed analysis of a specific clan IF a war ID, is stated in the command. ( A war id can be referenced for a specific war that TOOK place).

    A war lookup command is simply to show a specific faction's overall stats, (wars won, kills, deaths, clans beat...)

    When: As soon as possible, we have a modpack and a server ready, just need to get this plugin underway.

    EDIT | BONUS: If it can be done, if a war is engaged, for ALL explosions and block edits caused between the factions AT WAR (only the ones at war), the blocks to be logged and after a set duration, regenerated back (randomly for effect?). Prevents intense faction destruction. (besides CHESTS AND ITEMS/ENTITIES) we do not want duplicating items and chests.
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  2. So wait. Let me get this clear. Factions can only be raided/exploded if they agree to wars. Well then won't they just accept wars from factions that aren't as strong as them? And then you can basically let people opt-out of being raided altogether. Someone can have an invincible base and get stronger until they're more powerful than everyone else, and then they'll war.

    What I use for a similar thing is raids:
    - Only leaders can declare raids
    - Must be declared before noon
    - Removes land protection
    - Atleast half as many defenders must be on as the raiders
    - Cooldown for the attacking group after the raid
    - Defending group receives immunity to raids afterwards for a little while
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    Hmmm... The server is private, with 3 set Clans. So Wars were more for fun. Although makes sense as to what you're saying. I think that Wars should not have the option to be accepted. That makes sense. Cheers.
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    Seems sweet!
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