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    Hi, Im starting a brand new GTA based server and I need to have wanted levels of course.

    What I want: A plugin with a simple configuration file which allows to customize all the aspects of the plugin. The point of the plugin I am requesting is that in the configuration you can specify a new value (see example config below) where you set the prefix/suffix that will be added to the player when he has X amount of kills. After a time specified in the configuration file(below) the wanted prefix will be removed. As mentioned above, the plugin must be fully customizable and therefor support messages with variables. Plugin must also be able to change the color of a players nametag, which might be depending on TagAPI Plugin must support color codes

    Commands: /wantedlevels reload (alias: /wl reload)
    wantedlevels.reload <- Reload the configuration
    wantedlevels.notify <- Notifys player about a wanted player
    wantedlevels.use <- Permission needed to acctually be affected by plugin
    wantedlevels.* <- Grants all permissions


    # Name will appear as the {LEVEL} variable in Notify-Other.
    # Amount of kills before plugin adds prefix to player
        Kills: 1
    # The color specified here will be applied to the players nametag (the name above his head)
        NameTagColor: '&c'
    # Prefix that will be added to player, set to none to not use prefix
        Prefix: '&c[WANTED] &7'
    # Suffix that will be added to player, set to none to not use suffix
        Suffix: none
    # Time in minutes before prefix/suffix gets removed from player
        Reset-Time: 5
    # Should there be played a sound to the player when he is wanted? Set to none to disable
        Play-Sound: CHICKEN_EGG_POOP
        Kills: 5
        NameTagColor: '&4'
        Prefix: none
        Suffix: ' &4[MOST WANTED]'
        Reset-Time: 15
      Notify-Self: '&cYou're now wanted!'
    # {PLAYER} = the players displayname | {LEVEL} = players wanted level
      Notify-Other: '&4{PLAYER} &cis now &4{LEVEL}&c!'
    Plugin-Prefix: '[&4Wanted Levels]'

    Would be very appriciated if someone took their time to make this, I'm sure I'm the only one that needs a plugin like this!
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    What exactly should it do when a player gets a wanted level? I imagine you don't just want a wanted level to show up without further consequences..
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    I think I made it clear above that I want the player to get a prefix or suffix (defined in the config) when he gets a wanted level, as well as notifying players who have the wantedlevels.notify permission

    The reason I want it is because I will have civilians and cops, the cops will have to manually chase down the player with a wanted level

    I also changed the ideea above, got a new addon ideea which would be useful
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    Yea, no shit. It just didn't make sense until you so cleverly explained it's a RolePlay server.
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    Sorry if the request wasnt clear, hope it is now :) are you here try make the plugin?
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    If, I am free, I can maybe make this. Unless someone else already has taken it.
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    Nobody yet:) would be very appriciated if you could!

    Edited the request. Added a Variable "{LEVEL}" which will be used in the Notify-Other message.

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    You are best using this plugin >> here <<<

    You can add as many warnings as you want, Also for example:

    RockyMan13 has joined the game

    RockyMan13 has 2 warnings!


    Permissions and commands are easy as hell listed below,

    sw.warn    Users with this permission may issue a warning
    sw.check    Users with this permission may view their own warnings
    sw.check.other    Users with this permission may view other player's warnings
    sw.delete    Users with this permission may clear/delete other player's warnings
    sw.mod    Users with this permission may do all of the above
    sw.reload    Users with this permission may reload the config
    sw.fix    Users with this permission may update outdated warning records

    /sw or /warn    View the SimpleWarnings Commands Menu
    /sw reload    Reload Simplewarnings config
    /warn <playername> <warning>    Issue a player with a warning
    /warnings [playername]    Review your own or another player's warnings
    /dwarn <playername> <warning number>    Delete a player's warning
    /cwarns <playername>    Clear a player's warnings
    /fixwarn    Update warnings records from YAML to SQL (0.8.8+)
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    Thanks, I'm Cod on another user. Will look into this :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    MC_Ultimate Why do you have 2 accounts in the first place?
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    The email on my 2nd account became corrupt somehow.. but thats offtopic
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