Want to become a developer, but wants someone to help me.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Bush, Sep 4, 2011.

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    I want to become a developer, but also looking for some help.
    I think if someone can show me the ropes i can become one.
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    That's a really good tutorial. The ones by Torrent on youtbube are a bit to complicated, I believe.

    P.S. Just started out myself, so don't expect much knowledge from me.
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    thnx for the link will work hard on it, lol
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    Yeah,the HUGE plugin tutorial is awesome!
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    Why is the forum full of 12 year olds?
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    Randy Schouten

    Well, it can be a problem.
    But here on Bukkit it doesn't seem to be such big of a problem.

    Most speak/type proper english and just want to learn some java.
    I don't see the problem, at least not on this forum. :)
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    Its not a problem... I'm just pointing it out. It can bother me sometimes, when trying to explain something, and the person doesn't know a bit of Java. And the thing i hate the most, is that the kids learned Java to make plugins for Bukkit, and they only know enough Java to make plugins...
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    Got to agree with @oyasunadev
    I've been learning Java from a few books and online tutorials, I have some basic knowledge, enough to know what somebody is talking about. However, when people come here expecting to learn Java, that does bother me.
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    I only wanted some help, I'll neva ask again....:oops:

    whats your problem, and who is 12 around here?

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    Daniel Heppner

    Age doesn't have anything to do with Java knowledge. I've seen plenty of 20 year olds who fit your description. Check my age, bro.

    I'd like to help you. Feel free to PM me any questions that you may have. I suggest "Thinking in Java" by Bruce Eckel.

    Learning a new language can be intimidating and people need a good starting point. I have a family member who is good at programming, and he's helping me out. Some people don't have this resource. That's why they need to post on here.

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    i'm not new to java....
    just wana know how to start with pugins..
    what software is required and where to get it.
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    I have no problems with people willing to learn Java, is only good, but you do need non-Bukkit related Java experience before you can do anything at all. It is nice to know how to copy and paste a player Listener, main class and plugin.yml into your project and add a message under BlockBreak, but that's NOT Java. What you did there is add a line of code to be executed, as if you wrote in Batch. To learn Java you need to know way and WAY more than the Bukkit related tutorials tell you:

    And a lot more I didn't know 7 months back.

    What @oyasunadev means is people coming to these forums with NO knowledge of programming whatsoever (not even CMD batch) and expecting to learn Java in a fortnight. It's not that simple to learn if you never programmed before. I had 4 years of vb .net coding experience, even wrote a DirectX game engine in vb .net, and it even took me 2 weeks to get the grasp of Java, especially Eclipse.
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    Man, you guys are making me feel bad. I just started trying to learn Java 2 weeks ago just to make plugins, and have very very little coding experience.

    I didn't come here to learn it though, I watched tutorials and read the official Oracle guide thing.
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    the point they are trying to make is that you should have a decent programming background before you try to develop plugins for bukkit as a lot of the problems people have been having some basic java knowledge would have answered

    we are not trying to be jerks, but it saves us and you guys a lot of headaches in the future if you get some knowledge first instead of just jumping into it
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    @vrox don't feel too bad, as long you didn't come lurking at these forums asking for (general) Java tutorials. Plugin development is for questions related to plugins or Bukkit-related features such as vectors and Locations, not asking people where to start learning Java, how to write down an if-statement, how to declare a variable, etc. These a things not related to Bukkit and should be discussed on Java boards.

    Actually, even stack traces don't belong in these forums. Only if it describes an actual Bukkit related error (not something like 'oops I forgot to set result to something') it can be posted here.

    And even then I help people out with the simplest of questions here, should actually stop doing that to discourage people from posting non-bukkit related questions...
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    Hey, I have a plugin I want to release on the forums, and I know this is the wrong place to post (I don't know where to post) and this may seem a odd question but what exactly do I do? I've got the source code and the jar ready. but how exactly do I do it? Do I just make a thread and add the jars and source and just say "This is my plugin [GEN] [TP] for example and explain it.
    I find it a little confusing

    EDIT: Sorry found bukkit submissions. I don't look enough
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    thanks. you understand what i mean better than i do...
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    looks like you are forgetting the person who actually started this thread....
    i think i need a reward for creating such a popular thread...
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    I am (slowly) learning java, partially for Bukkit but also partially because I am interested in making my own games.

    Actually on an education which will learn me Java, and PHP for that matter but I already know PHP :p

    That said, I recommend "Learning Java 3rd Edition" , it is quite a nice book to start with.

    If you ever want to learn PHP, my education forced me to get this book, I already know PHP but I must say it is the easiest book to learn it I ever seen. It's called "PHP6 and MySQL5 for Websites, Visual QuickPro Guide". It really makes learning PHP fun if you ask me, I am going to use it to learn PHP-GD, something I wanted to do for a long time.
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    Not everyone have the same ability to catch stuff
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    That's why we have try-catch statements ;) (pun intended)..
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    Yes, thanks For Stating That.

    not all of the younger are stupid, and silly. they just need encouragement. and sometimes a little more help.

    i know 8 year olds that are mature, so doesnt mean that they arent mature and act like little kids, im not saying all are good but some are. just remember that.



    But the reward part seems a bit strange. But


    ive seen 12 and 15 year olds. and sometimes 10 year olds.

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    that part was the joke, i forgot to sound funny, soz
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    Randy Schouten

    Well in any case, don't be afraid to post new threads about how to do something.

    I mean, look at all the threads I started.
    I also started learning java here. ;)
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    It depends. You learn basic logic on school. Mathematics, physics, science projects (?). If you don't even know how to calculate the distance between two points, the angle between two points, converting radians <> degrees and of course the normal logic like the if-statement, you may run into a lot of issues. Not everyone has to know all these, of course, but if you want to make something unique you may require these skills. Everyone can write loggers, messages, mini-mini games and block changers. But not everyone can create fully sophisticated player managers, cuboid/region tools, in-game mechanics and much more. This is why we had a logger-plugin allowance discussion once: there are too many of them.
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    dont wory, i dont upset ppl in any way, im just someone that likes fun and helping people.

    i wana make a plugin, anything, :)

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    Randy Schouten

    I recommend watching a youtube tutorial on Bukkit Plugins first.
    Then, just try to recreate what he made.
    That's how I would start out.

    Oh, and be vigilant. :)
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    what software do you Use To make Plugins??

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    Randy Schouten

    I use Eclipse.

    Most use Eclipse or NETBeans (or whatever it's called).
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