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    Plugin category: Misc, Fun

    Suggested name: Wands

    What I want: I would like to have the blaze rod shoot fire charges, with a specific permission. Without this permission they are just an ordianry blaze rode

    Ideas for commands: None

    Ideas for permissions: wand.use

    When I'd like it by: as soon as possible (abbreviated version sounds too rude haha)
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    Famous Guy

    I'll do this :)
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    Famous Guy

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    Famous Guy Thanks!

    Da_Pepsi_Monster Skript?

    Famous Guy Players without the permission can still use the fireball feature, and i forgot to add this to the request but is it possible for you to add a firing cooldown to something like 5 seconds maybe add a config to do so?

    thanks again for the initial plugin!
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  5. Skript allows you to make custom scripts, that can do nearly anything.

    Here is a script that you may use.
        permission: wand.use
        wand-item: blaze rod
    on right click with {@wand-item}:
        player has permission {@permission}:
            make the player shoot fireball with velocity 10
    Its simple
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    Famous Guy

    I'll see if I can add a cool down tomorrow :)
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    Famous Guy ok that works for me

    Da_Pepsi_Monster ok and is that for Skript i looked into it a bit and tried writing one but i can go off of this one i guess
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    Famous Guy

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    Famous Guy

    Maybe :333
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    Famous Guy
    If you need help, you can PM me I know your new ;)
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    Famous Guy

    All right :D
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    Is this already fixed? Because I can make this..

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