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    Hello im a huge Walking Dead fan and im in need of a plugin I plan to make who ever makes this plugin an owner to my server along with this im expecting to create a huge sensation to this mini game server. My skype name: junpo3


    /TWD spawn (spawns player at set spawn point)
    Makes zombies faster, stronger, any addition that you like to add :)
    Stops zombies from burning at day time
    when players first spawn they have a wooden sword almost broken and some items to add
    1. paper that heals
    2. snowball flash grenade (if you get hit you get slowness and blindness and makes zombies weaker)
    3. enderpearl genade creates blast, doesn't destroy the ground
    4. MAYBE! guns... You decide ( I want guns!) retexture bows if you can
    5.sticks as baseball bats maybe we can make server textures to retexture make damage on the sticks higher
    6. add some more weapons
    7. ADD CROSSBOW (Daryl)
    8. some of theese are for texture pack designers bare with me.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Some commands~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    /set player spawnpoint or (somthing like that) to set where the /TWD spawn leads a player at a random place

    I want people to have nick names pre-created (if you can) like: Dayrl, Carl, Rick, Andria, Lori, T-dog and so on with any names

    /group create (Player names)
    /group name (name of group)
    /group enemy (name of enemy's group)
    You cant hurt group members
    no other mobs spawn!!!!!!!!!!!!
    zombies spawn rate are ridiculously too much :)
    and any ideas to contribute
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    This is nothing like The Walking Dead, this is more like an attempt to mimic MineZ.
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    Ok thanks guys if anyone wants to re create a minez like plugin please tell me (with guns and sum of my items)

    thanks this will be along with my plugin if somone makes it and please if u know somone that can make this tell him to skype me : junpo3

    i want retextured guns (bows) like a pistol is a regular bow and a m16 will be like power 3 bows and a flame thrower being flame bow

    BUT i need commands like /TWD spawn and will spawn you in a random place that are set able in game i really need theese commands to make it the spawn will kinda be like minez

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    You can't do this without Spout.
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    Images :) please help and become an instant operator!

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    if i get spout do the guests have to get spout too?????????????????
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    Actually you can. You can allow the player to use the custom server-side texture pack. You can also rename items.

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    can you do that for me? and if i get spoutcraft do other players NEED it to join my server
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    If you want each enchanted bow to have a separate texture, then yes. Other than that, server textures seem best for what he asks.
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    So does anyone seem up to making a plugin or multiple plugins for this server and remember...You become an owner for free and can help me build on the server
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    guys thanks for t he help but is any one willing to make a custom plugin?
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    Uh, you not reading what people have said to you?

    You can't do what you want without spout, which requires client mods as well. Read the things people post, it was posted a few times now an you keep pushing it...
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    can i just be able to have basic commands like /TWD spawn to set the players spawn!?!?!!?!?!! or does that need spout too!
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    i love TWD too, but this just sounds more like MineZ
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    You could just join my server... we are still in the process of configing the plugins but its right up your alley :p


    (That's the website url btw, server ip will be released when its created finished being built)
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    That doesn't sound like TWD at all. TWD is more of a story-driven environment, which doesn't translate well to Minecraft.
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    here we're making it different but still would be very fun

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    ...but it would be wrong to call it TWD
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    Im making correct maps and stuff
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    Chill on caps, what do you need help with? This should be in off topic?
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    Most of the stuff you are asking for (A.K.A retexture) is not possible with bukkit. Everything else should be possible with CloneZ.
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    Retexture is possible..
    (but not for the same item)
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    Well, I can tell you one thing, some of what you were wanting with the groups, and spawning with items, and just plain spawning can be done with other plugins!

    Here is a little chart of what can you use to narrow down your basic minez impostor plugin:
    Essentials Core - Commands, kits, easy to configure, every server should have this
    Group Manager - For ranks, you could make a rank for each one of your characters
    Factions - This is one of the most popular plugins for pvp servers, you can make factions (groups) that let you ally or enemy with another group
    Guns - there aren't really any great gun plugins out there, they are very scarce if you find one, its probably out dated or not really to your liking.

    And by the way, you said that you were going to recreate the hole walking dead area, considering the walking dead series isn't actually ended yet, there is more things coming up, there would be no point making the map until the walking dead series is over, because if there are more places the survivors go off to, your server's map would be very inaccurate! And i'm sure a Walking Dead fanboy, who would think "Oh boy! A Walking Dead server, I really want to play on it" would not like the fact that the server would be brought down so many times to update that map.
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    Thanks man your helping me make my server little by little!

    can you retecture? for guns!?

    Ok I am trying tomake a server where i can maybe have a story line and you spawn in with groups and all i just need help

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    Well if you can think a bit harder and think of exactly what kinds of plugins you will need, then this forum might be the place to come to.

    Otherwise, look on general forum boards or something
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