Waiting queue + Players command when full.

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by tiradorus, Mar 14, 2019.

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    Hi Dev! I need you very very much now :S
    I don't have other choice to post it there!

    What i exactly want:

    I need a plugin where player enter a command (for example /join 'queue name')
    The plugin place them into a waiting queue.
    They continue to play normaly, and when there are enought players into the queue, all players use the same command, command entered as operator (Just as ServerSigns that can grant perm while using a sign)

    Then all players leave the queue to let another group of people joining a new queue etc.
    + Make a cycle of command to enter, example:
    - /warp 1 <===== command entered by the first queue
    - /warp 2 <===== command entered by the second queue
    - /warp 3
    - /warp 4 ...
    - / ... <===== last command entered by the last queue, before returning the the first command, do it like a cycle.

    Even if there are not multi-queue in the same time, always follow the cycle of command.

    Why do i ask it?

    I have a very large Rp server with many many things, and one of them are Arenas.
    Actually, there is no way (with public plugins) to let players play, until there is enought player that want to do the arena to launch it.
    The only way is: You launch an arena, you enter a lobby, and you wait into this lobby t'ill there is enought player ... You can wait a long time if it's very late.
    + I'm using a Bungee-system, don't care about how to configure between-server, for that it's my job i already know how to do ^^
    And there is ABSOLUTELY no way on public to make player wait on Server1, and then go on Server2. Absolutely none :S

    Why cycle command?

    C'ause i use arena system xD
    If the Arena #1 is playing, i don't want the second queue entering the same arena. i Easily can create 10,20,30 different servers for each arenas that's not a problem ;) C'ause i already have a command that alow player to swap from server 1 to server 2! So juste have to change the command, with the same queue!

    What in config.yml?

    The name of the queue, the lenght, and the command on enter when full

    - Players: 10
    - warp 1-1
    - warp 1-2
    - ...

    - Players: 15
    - warp 2-1
    - warp 2-2
    - ...

    Thanks for your answer!
    Ps: server on 1.8.8! =) Have a nice day (Spigot)
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    Bump ^^'

    Don't need the cycle-command, there could be a way to avoid problems ;)
    So it would be easier!
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