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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by ckav11, Jun 15, 2016.

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  1. Okay, well, I'm guessing you don't need this anymore because you replaced the whole first post with -
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    I need it, I originally took it down to post it somewhere else but if you're interested I can post it again
  3. Once I fix CustomisableTags, I'll start on this.

    EDIT: From what I understand from this, it is basically CustomisableTags, just the user (if they have permission) can add a new tag, right?
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    No I'm posting the request again right now. So in the config there would be an option for the brackets around the tag that way they cannot be edited. In the GUI lets say there are the tags king, beta, dayone, and netflixandchill. If I were to select netflixandchill the tag would be white in chat until I did the command /tagcolor <tag and colors> to customize it. So it would be /tagcolor &4&lNetflix&c&land&4&lChill to add color/change caps to my own tag
  5. Ohh, okay. I'll start work on this now :)

    EDIT: Just one last thing, what are the first two messages for?
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    Oops my apologies I never updated it when when a staff member had reversed one of my edits. If the player has permission for the tag, the unlocked message would be displayed on the first line of the lore and vice verse if the player does not have permission. On a side not this isn't needed but would be a nice addition. Could you add an option in the config to display a different item when the player does have permission? Would be nice but is not necessary
  7. I will go with setting the lore because it keeps the configuration file more compact.
    This should be done pretty soon because I only have to rewrite some of the code from my other plugin.

    EDIT: changed font.
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    Ok sounds good :D
  9. I really hope this is the final question...
    What is the purpose of the "function" part of the configuration and is it required?

    EDIT: changed font.
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    The function ry isn't needed if you can make a border around the GUI or ifyou could make that an option. If you could create a thing in the bottom left and right corner of the GUI to remove your tag that would be sufficient instead
  11. Okay, thank you!

    This is almost done, just need to figure out how to reload config properly and handle all the events.
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    Ok sounds good. Can't wait :D
  13. @ckav11
    Okay, after a lot of testing and fixing up, I present to you, vTags 1.0!
    You can download it from here or here.

    Configuration file is pretty much what the first post says, just some obvious and self-explanatory changes.
    You can remove the default player (me), however, you MUST, I repeat MUST, put another player in there before starting/reloading the server, otherwise it will error.

    - /tags [help|reload] - shows the GUI with no help/reload
    - /tagcolo(u)r <prefix|suffix> <new colors>

    - vtags.use - required to use everythings
    - vtags.<tag> - required to use certain tags/suffixes.
    - vtags.reload - allows you to reload the config

    EDIT: I forgot to add, if there is anything you need/want adding/changing, just say and I will be happy to do it.
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    Can you change the main command to /ctag (for /customtag) please? :eek:
    Also, can I edit the plugin.yml and add an alias if I want to add other alias's such as /customtags?
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    My mistake can a staff member remove this @timtower
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  16. As per the OP's request, the main command is /tags and I'm not going to change it unless he wants it to be changed.
    There are however, a few plugins out there which allow you to change aliases of a command.

    Also, you cannot edit the plugin.yml as it is compiled into the .jar file and you would need to recompile it which you cannot do without the source code.
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    Would it be possible for you to hook this into PermissionsEx for suffixes/prefixes instead?
  18. It is possible but what would be the point of the plugin because PermissionsEx already puts the prefixes/suffixes in the chat...
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    I see what you mean, I might give it a shot.
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    So players can select the tag and customize it(the point of the plugin), but I am using another chat plugin that only supports prefixes/suffixes via PermissionsEx
  21. Ohh.. I get it now ^_^

    I'll do this for you now.
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    Alright thanks a ton :D
  23. I've coded it all and I'm in the testing stages. Just so I can test, what plugin do you use for your chat?

    EDIT: All done. Download the new version here.
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    Ok I haven't had a chance to try it yet as the hook for the chat plugin isn't finished yet, but variables are no longer working. On a side note could you change the title of the GUI to just Tags?
  25. How do you mean "variables are no longer working"?
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    Like %tagname% i think it is displays as a message in chat when its included in a message
  27. That only worked when I used my own chat formatting, because you requested to use PermissionsEx, I had to remove it because otherwise your chat plugin won't work.
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    Ahh all good then I was just wondering
  29. I can make it so your chat plugin runs first then I take that format and replace the variables with the actual text, if you want me to.

    EDIT: Done! I've made it so you can now use the variables in your messages.
    Download it here.
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    To answer your question, he uses my MultiPrefix plugin and requested support for your tags plugin. I looked at your source code and could not find an API for me to manually add support. So I have decided to add support for a permissions plugin via Vault.
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