Vote Script Setup on Enjin

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ColeBergmann, May 29, 2012.

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    Hi All!
    I signed up for the beta at and I got accepted! The folder they gave me contained a bunch of files and a server plugin. Here is what the folder looks like:
    How would I go about adding this script to my enjin website? If anyone here has experience with this, I would love help. Thank you so much :)

    Here are the included instructions:
    1. upload all folders <- To Where?
    2. direct your browser to the files and complete the installer
    4. rename example.htaccess to .htaccess
    5. login to admin panel located at using the credentials you created in the installer
    6. Install Votelink.jar plugin and modify the api key with the one provided when you first login to the system.
    6. Enjoy

    What plan with GoDaddy do I need to use this? I can not spend too much money so the cheapest one would be the best. This plugin requires PhP and MySQL, but that is all I know. Thanks again for the help :D
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    1. upload all folders to your web server

    IMO, GoDaddy is better just for domain names. I would try InMotion for hosting.
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    Anything cheaper than InMotion?
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    I've used them and, if you ever need it, their support is top-notch. Literally, best support I've ever had - they have responded to most, if not all, of my tickets within 1 hour with both an online response and a telephone call.

    That might not matter to you, though, considering what you'll use it for.
    In which case I'd recommend them because their prices are ridicuously cheap. I think their current special is $3.15/mo, for the first year, after which your contract expires.
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