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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by boySnowy, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. Hello there,

    I currently own a dedicated server, and I have an problem with Buycraft and votifier.

    I used to have an normal server which only has 1 IP address, but now with the dedicated server I use an plugin called BungeeCord, which connects multiple servers in one 'hub'.


    I've seen multiple servers handle this with Buycraft, how do I make it so that when someone donates they get the perk/item/rank on every server at once, instead of doing it manually?


    Also when I install Votifier it's for one server, how do I make it so that you get the reward for each server?, and how do I make so that the plugin private messages you with something like
    'Hey I see you have not voted yet today, vote today use /vote' , and which plugin features this /vote?

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    Buycraft executes commands on your server using their plugin, and a private key. Votifier does nearly the same. I use a plugin called simple vote listener, which ties into it nicely, and does some extras.
  4. Thanks, I managed to fix the buycraft issue, but the listeners don't use the '/vote' option, is there any plugin/listener that does this or is this maybe custom made?
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    u can use something like variabletriggers/mcdocs to do it.
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