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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by PineappleBox, Nov 25, 2018.

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    I was trying to setup /vote with the plugin, "VotingPlugin". However, whenever the player tries to vote, the command (from crazycrates plugin) is not executed. Here is my VoteSites.yml:
      # VoteSite name
        # Enable voteSite
        # If false, votesite will not be loaded by plugin
        # Default: false
        Enabled: true
        # Display name of voting site
        Name: 'MinecraftServerList'
        # Priority of this site
        # Used for sorted list
        # High prority, higher on the list
        Priority: 5
        # The serviceName from the vote, has to be correct to work correctly
        # Gotten from voting on the site (will be in console/log)
        # Usually is the main part of the url(e.g.
        ServiceSite: ''
        # vote url for /vote
        # Format for this can be set in Format.yml
        # Do not include colors here
        VoteURL: ''
        # Time between votes in hours (used for /vote next)
        # Most sites are 24 hours
        VoteDelay: 24
        # Reset vote delay each day (for certain sites that do this)
        VoteDelayDaily: false
        # If true, rewards can be executed offline (requires ForceOffline to be true in the reward)
        # Setting this to true will execute the reward offline, NOT WHEN THE PLAYER IS OFFLINE
        # This basiclly disables offline voting if set to true, don't misinterpret this option
        ForceOffline: false
        # VoteSite Material for GUI's
        # Removing this may result in an error, required on each site
          Material: 'DIAMOND'
          Amount: 1
        # Rewards to give
          - '/cc give p vote 1 %player%'
            Player: '&l&aYou have received a voting key for voting today!'
    # Reward for any site
    # Similar to AnySiteReward
    # This requires the site to be configured in order to get the reward.
    EverySiteReward: []
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