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    I'm in need of an existing void respawn plugin which forces players to respawn at a set point without damage. I need it for a parkour zone I'm planning to create and i have seen it in a server.

    They use it in their parkour zones.

    The one i found using Search button would allow any player in any place of the world (when fallen into the void) to respawn at a set coordinate... which is not what i want. I want my players to respawn at set coordinates only when fallen in the void in a specific area.

    Does anyone know of such a plugin?
    Ty for your time.
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    I think I do. Just got to figure out which plugin has it.

    WorldGaurd has teleportation on void falling
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    Ooh nice one. I have WorldGuard but how does the command work?

    /region flag <region> teleport .... and?
    EDIT: nvm! I got it. Experimenting now. I'll tell if it works out. Thx :)
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    its enable in the main config oppen up the plugin folder----->Worldgaurd----->Config.yml

    that should be it scroll down to player in the config it should be below mobs and look for void falling if that doesn't work then at least I tried.
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    After some testing it looks like none of them is what i'm looking for :/
    Thanks for your time though!
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    Sorry that didn't help. :(

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