VisualPermissions - A GUI editor for Permissions 3.x and PermissionsBukkit (Pail Support!)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Acrobot, Jul 15, 2011.

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    As you may know, setting up permissions manually is hard =)

    This tool helps you edit Permissions 3 or Permissions config without ANY troubles.
    (GroupManager's groups work well with Permissions 3 preset =D )

    How to use:
    Double click the .jar file.
    If that doesn't work, execute "java -jar VisualPermissions.jar"

    To start editing, click "Load Permissions configuration".
    Choose your Permissions WORLD FOLDER and click "open"
    Then, after modifications, just click "Save Permissions configuration"
    PAIL version:
    Just drop the .jar into plugins folder :)

    If you open your generated files, they may seem different, but believe me, it just looks different, but works flawlessly :)

    YEAH, go Open Source!
    As everything I do, VisualPermissions is Open Source too :)

    Bukkit team - for Configuration class​
    SnakeYAML authors - for their parser​
    @koolblue87 - for very nice suggestions :)

    15-08-2011 - Added Permission editing, automatically selects the next permission while you're deleting the old ones, you can now modify selected permission by right-clicking​
    23-07-2011 - Added PermissionsBukkit support, re-written everything, added new features, etc.​
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    Sounds Epic, but my computer refuses to run it.

    EDIT: Thanks for fixing it.

    Just wish it had inheritance support.
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    Oh right, it seems like I compilled it under JDK 7 :p
    So just wait, I'll relase Java-6 compatible version later this day :)

    Fixed, try it now :)

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    finally somebody who did this, in a seperate program, why didn't anybody do this before!
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    Looks pretty nice :)
    However, i don't like to load the world volder everytime new, couldn't you save the last opened folder since it probably won't change in the future?
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    Finally! I was looking for something like this all day! Thank you @Acrobot
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    Nice one! Will you add support for GroupManager and other plugins?
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    Group Manager is supposed to die....
    The dev said it himself.

    Also will this have inheritence support?

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    Xtra - yes, this will have support for
    • inheritance
    • loading last used world
    • setting the default group by checkbox (right now it selects first group or group with name "Default")
    • Bukkit's permissions system (when it will be implemented :p)
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    A Web version is possible ?
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    Hmm... I'm not as experienced with JavaScript/php/whatever, but if I have time, I'll do it.
    However, there are some web server management tools, that can also manage permissions.
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    Can we haz Superperms? :)

    It's more confusing than Permissions 3 for me :(
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    Yeah, I'll make it for Superperms :)
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    Awesome! *watches thread*
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    Great job! Nice tool, does the job, and it's free!
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    Look at the program now :)
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    Awesome! :D
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    And it's not possible to manage a permissions file on a other server ?

    For example, i have a dedicated server with ubuntu (console only). it's would be nice if i can manage permission on my pc (windows) directly
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    Hmm... Not really, but do you have access to FTP? It should be possible to type in FTP address in the "File name" box and it should show you the contents of the server :)
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    pretty nice. Way easier then editing the .ymls by hand
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    Hm, where do I move the jar to to use that CMD code?
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    Doesn't just clicking on the jar work for you?
    If so, to use that cmd code you have to do "cd yourFolderWithJarPath", and then execute this command :)
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    How do I find my path? I remember changing my path a veeeeeeeeeeeeery long time ago, and if you can't find out, what's the default one?
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    No, I mean.
    Does clicking on jar (just double clicking) work for you?
    If not, you just need to cd to the folder where you have VisualPermissions.jar
  25. Could you possibly post a couple of the available permissions that groups can have like build since I dont know them? I cant seem to find them. Thanks!

    Right, Ive figured out build, so Ill post that here :

    If you want that group to be ALLOWED to build then type in the config of that group: build: true
    So if you dont want to let them build type build: false
    I will update with any more I find soon :) Thanks for this amazing program :)

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    Yeah :)
    No problem, I'll update it soon (but I'm going on a trip soon, so not in about a week-two)
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    how do i install it?
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    You do not need to install, just double-click it :)
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    when i download it, it's a .zip file, how should i start it? :'D
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    Oh, if it's a zipped file - it's a bug.
    Change the extension to .jar
    And if that doesn't work, right-click and Open With... Java
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