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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by BaSingWolf, Jul 13, 2012.

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    A CraftBukkit GUI

    VisualBukkit was made by me over a two day span. Though this seems like a short time i am a fair coder and got a lot done. If there is anything you feel it is missing please let me know. I think I have about all of it covered. P.S. There are two functions that do not work. Help>Help and Help>Website. Just have not made them yet and don't know when/if I will. Guess it depends on how much feedback I get. SO, check it out and let me know.

    (Windows Version)
    Download and Unzip VisualBukkit (From Here)
    Download craftbukkit-1.2.5-R4.0.jar (From Bukkit. Durrr.)
    Place jar in same folder as VisualBukkit.exe
    Run VisualBukkit.exe
    You will need the "Essentials" Plug-in to use all menu items.
    !!!CAUTION!!! These files will expand into many files and folders. Do not just run on your desktop. You nit-wit... lol

    Full Download Here... (most up to date) (Down at the moment. temp link here)

    A LOT... lol ;P
    Server> Stop, Start, Reload, Delete World, Edit Configs, Manage Plug-ins, ...
    Info> Game Type, Map Seed, Plug-in Versions, Startup Time, Running Time, Warnings, ...
    Logs> Chat, Player Login/outs, In Game Commands
    Online> Players Names and many options for them
    Environment > World Chat, Day, Night, Storm, Clear Skies
    Also includes a console textbox to type manual commands into at the bottom. Press enter to send the command. Better yet, run help and copy paste the command for you REALLLLLLY lazy people like me.

    There may be a bit more but it's hard to remember it all when you haven't slept in a while.
    To me it's all pretty easy to figure out but that's likely just cause I'm the one who made it.


    Please let me know what you guys think. I need it tested on a larger server than my 3 player one.

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    No link there? Also do you happen to have a youtube video showing someone using this?
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    Zip did not post ?:confused:?
    You can download all files together here...
    (VisualBukkit newest build, supported Plug-ins, and CraftBukkiy jar) 11.5MB

    Here are the menus...
    View attachment 10418 View attachment 10406 View attachment 10407 View attachment 10408 View attachment 10405 11.8MB
    Version 1.0.1

    · Made an About Window
    · Added Context menus for easy right click operation.
    · Added Label to console entry text box for better notice ability.
    · World Chat is now listing in the chat window/log now

    · Fixed Loaded Plug-ins reporting.
    · Fixed Log not recycling

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    Oh lol nice idea! :eek: I have suggestions about your visualbukkit:

    1) For the Online players window, why not merge it with the actual window?

    2) I found a bug in the command field. You type a command (any) and press enter.. then press enter again. It will repeat the last typed command, in CMD or SSH it dosen't do that.

    3) Its a good idea to have help, warnings or player logs, but the thing which it annoys me when the warning window appear when there's an error in the server. You think its possible to check it if the user want to get notified if anything occurs? Enable/disable optional features.

    4) In server menu, the others ones are quite for configuring server, have a dropdown menu (Server > Configs (plugin manager, server settings... etc.))

    5) The environment menu, is compatible with Commandbook or other plugins?

    6) I dont know why "World Chat" is in Environment menu... Can I ask why this option even we can type say in the command field... well I suppose its for lazy peoples ;) or put a chat field under the online players list.

    7) Well I dont think there's an option to delete server.log file. I don't want it gone. But for some people wants to delete the server.log file. Like I said for the server > configs, you can add a check option if the user wants to delete that file when you stop the stop server. I recommend to keep the file, if proof is needed.

    8) I have an idea for the online players list, if I connect, my head skin will appear like this: [[creeper] TNTUP] (with helmet ofcourse ^^)

    [creeper] TNTUP
    [tnt] playerTest39

    And, rightclick on the player icon, having an menu like (msg and it's aliases like r [it opens an window for message], kick [opens an window for kick reason (if its compatible with mcbans or other ban plugin], ban [Same as kick], slap [like I said, if we can add custom macro commands] rocket %player% [same as slap ;p], And it would be nice if we can add custom macro commands in the rightclick menu on player icon.)

    %player% can be used as a variable on the player I selected.

    9) Can we have a menu for custom macro commands? like environment.
    Like Command > save-all; say (custom message binded); another say with another message); broadcast (message ); another broadcast message; etc...

    10) Can you add an option "exit" somewhere, I'm quite lazy to click the X.. ;p Or when you type /stop or click stop in the server menu, it would auto close the window.

    11) Do you support localized languages? If someone wants this program with their language, it would be nice :)

    Damn, I typed like an roman xD hehe
    Sorry If I typed a shitload of suggestions/bugs :p I want to use it on my windows :)
    If those features are added/fixed, I might suggest more :)

    hehe, ALL I can say, ITs a genius idea.


    (ps. my english plus grammar sucks. I'm doing my possible to write it good. I'm improving it, I'm french. sorry if it disturbs you! )
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    LOL! Thought you just had too much coffee. ;)

    1) Thought for those who do not need it it is nice to remove but maybe I can make it dock able. :)

    2) The repeat bug is not a bug, but I do need to modify it. It is for repeating commands but it is not quite right. I need to make it more like when you press up on the console it repeats the last command.

    3) Can do.

    4) Good suggestion. The menu grew really fast so i have not organized it really yet.

    5) No. I am just trying to focus on the basic functions for the moment. But maybe adding a customize option for it would be good.

    6) World Chat will allow you to have a chat window to see messages coming back without extra junk in the feed and respond more quickly. :)

    7) My app wipes the log every time. That is where i get the input from also it helps the server to limit that file. I could add a save logs to backup option though. That would fix the issue.

    8) Maybe later once it is in fine tuning stage. For now iI need to keep processes as low as possible and then later maybe add it if the overhead is low.

    9) I will add that for sure.

    10) The auto close on stop is bad though unless I add a settings option for it. You have to Stop the server to manage plug-in. Also I already added a system tray option to the new one currently in the cooker. Doing so I had to add a Exit menu option as the "X" well only "Hide" the GUI in the system tray now.

    All GREAT ideas though. Thank you very much. I will see what I can do.:)
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    Ok ^^ theres an idea for the window, its up to you of you prefer the actual one or this one : The VisualBukkit (What I want to see ;p) would look. Its compacted, if you like my idea :) that idea, I did it with paint ;p I cant wait for teh updates from you! See ya later
    With this chat field, you talk to someone, you press enter and it will insert the /say command automatically, without typing it in the command field.​

    lol I dont drink coffee ;o know pepsi? (oops outtopic)

    Well, take your time! One feature at a time ;p This tool can be useful for newbies, they dont need type any code to run the server, like "java -blabla memory -jar hehe.jar" :p

    Just a last thing, the attachment isnt the same as the download bundled with craftbukkit & supported plugins. attachment VisualBukkit.exe 78kb vs. bundled download Visualbukkit.exe 178kb :s

    Oh sorry again about posting this post! :^)

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    Maybe keep it all under one window with tabs? Maybe options to pull them off to be separate? Then I would use this instead of my current one :)
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    Maybe, it a good idea! I think I threw too many creepers here. I suggested alot of things ;p some will be there, or some will be like no.
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    Got a lot done the "Floating/Docking" windows are going to take a bit of reasearch on my part. I will be posting the new version later tonight or tomorrow night. It has some nice new addons. :D Still trying to see if i can add a few more things before this next release. Plan on updates on sundays as I work long hours on a normal 5 days a week job during the week.
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    Version 1.1.2


    • Online Window now turns true red rather than dark red on server stop.
    • Sped up response times a bit.(now clocked at x10 speed, 0.1sec to 0.01sec updating) Note: This only speeds up the GUI, not the server.


    • The windows "x" button now just hides the server to the system tray and an Hide and Exit command was added to the server menu.
    • Added right click menu to system tray icon.
    • Added better VisualBukkit config window with two options to retain logs. Full will retain the common console log with ALL information. Common will retain items like chat, login/outs, commands, and warnings only.
    • Added VisualBukkit config check.
    • Added awesome macro options to Environment menu and Online window. (Thanx TNTUP)
    • Added auto complete and history to console input.
    • Added preload for all basic commands in console auto complete
    • Help>Commands now populates at start.

    OK. Its posted. 11.6MB
    Added more and its smaller/faster. :D
    Also worth noting on all versions if you click the seed displayed on the status bar it will copy it to your clipboard for easy pasting. Let me know what you think. I will work on dock windows and stuff this week some but dont plan on me learnning it in a week. :confused: lol
    Pleasse read Help>about in the app it will update you a little better. I can not write a help for this yet cause so much is being added and changed so fast. sorry.

    Bad build on that last one I did some quick fixes. sorry for posting it too soon. link should be fine now though.

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    New update this weekend. Expect to see dock/undock Online window. No more popup on warnings, and a few more items added. :)
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    Sorry for the late post. Update loaded. 11.6MB
    (yes still only 11.6MB. :confused: Dont ask me why I have no clue.)

    Version 1.1.3


    • Notice of Alerts is now much less in your face looking.


    • Now supports multi macros. Use the Pipe to queue them up.
    • Added in-game time to status bar
    • Added in-game time triggered macros. Such as "10:00 AM;say GOOOOOOOD MORN!!!" or "9:00 PM;say hsssssssssssssssss. This was a test. It was only a test. Had this been a real creeper..."
    • A few small tweeks.
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    Cool! I like it! also, why it "spams" the server log to check time? I removed essentials if it was the issue, I think its the visualbukkit one does it, idk where to remove the autocheck time thing :/
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    It tries to sync the time in VusualBukkit to the world time every 15 min or so but on odd times, like #:08, #:23, #:38, and #:53. This ensures that the game time is in sync as lag, slower CPUs, and other issues can cause the times to differ. I have found some bugs with the time sync such as, it syncs to the last world listed. Also I do not have an option to disable the time check but I will add one tonight while I am working on it. You will need the essentials plugin for this to work. If not present at this time it will spam the console with command not found. It is trying to use the "time" command. it was the only way I can think of to monitor the servers time without a custom plugin. And I do not know java well enough for that. Also I noticed it fires off the time macro many times before it "sees" it was passed. I will be fixing that also asap.
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    That's one big ass start button you have there!
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    ALERT! found bug in server setting save function. DO NOT SAVE if you open server properties at this time. Working on the issue now.

    I was compensating. ;P lol

    Version 1.1.6
    • Corrected not saving correctly.
    • Stopped the spamming if Essentials is not present to sync the game time. Now it detects if Essentials is present or not and auto enable/disables accordingly.
    • Stopped Timed Macros from spamming.
      • Added a Timed Macro for a sample. 11.6MB

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    Nice! Im working on the project like this too! Im writing program in Visual Basic 2010, you?
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    Mine was made in vb 2008 some time back. Its been a while but I have added a few more features. I would be glad to send the source to you. You might be able to pull out some extra stuff from it. I have a online list with face shots and stuff on it now too. My email is I will have to look uo where the source is in my files but I am sure I still have it. :)
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    Do you still have this? Is it for the current build? I was just wondering. Does this also help manage groups and permisions for like essential and such?
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    The source I have has a bit more added to it. And yes it handles some basic permissions such as fly, admin, demote, god mode, kick, announce, and a few others. I don't have it posted but I will try to post it tonight so anyone my check it out. I try not to make it rely on plugins too much so some of the essentials commands are there but not all.
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    Ok cool.. would love to try it out.. guess I am basically looking for a gui to handle the tedious coding task like changing the group names and adding permisions to the this group and that from essentials and some of the other popular programs. This make sense?
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    And here is the source... I hope someone finds the code handy. I did some real wacky stuff and I'm bad at documenting, so just hit me up here if you need help understanding any of it.

    Attached Files:

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    Latest update... If you like the app please leave a thank you. If I see the app being used and likes I may start updating it again. :)

    Place all files in the Bukkit folder.
    Run the VisualBukkit.exe
    Select VisualBukkit->Settings from the menu
    Fill in the information
    Start the server or explore the app and have fun.


    Version 1.5.0
    • Changed version numbering to reflect changes better.
      [Main Version].[Adds].[Bug Fixes]
      Main Version = The Main Version Numberer
      Adds = When things are added (may also include bug fixes)
      Bug Fixes = Number of bugs corrected if nothing else was added.
    • Fixed GUI Time to only sync with main world.
    • Added new About/Help capability.

    Attached Files:

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    woot I got it too work.. had to do some tinkering but thank you... its simple and clean..
    Now is there anyway cause I am sure there are people out there that like to work with the coding and all.. but for the main packs like essentials and such to incorperate there settings and such so as like I wanna add the hat command to this group just click the group and the permisions I want it to have and it does all the spacing and such.. and group name changes. I know its a ton of stuff or if its even possible..
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    Oh its possible ... have you looked at the custom macro's? You can also send multiple commands by separating with a pipe. It might work best in the player macros. Just use %player% and the app adds the name and such. Just look at it and look at the environmental macros the last one is a sample of multiple commands in one macro. If it will not work can you post the commands you would commonly use and I will see what I can do. :)
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    I see what your talking about.. guess got off track.. I am talking about I click on groups and it brings down my groups that I have on the server. then have the option to rename the group along with what commands I want them to beable to run off the more common plugins. So say I click groups and wanna rename or create a group called the Special Players and want them to have all the default but I click on a menu or something for the essentials and all the commands pop up and I can point and click what else I want this group to have access to from that plug in.. and then click another plug in and pick and choose from their commands then when I save it would put everything where it goes and all.. I don't need to worry about the spacing and such and it reloads the plugins and off and running. Does this make sense?
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    ok, I am with you. I thought about doing that and pulling the commands the same way the app creates the help menu by listing the commands. The issue I ran into was no one has shown me how to make groups and setup permissions... if you would let me have a copy of your permissions I think I could pick it up maybe. I just need an example to follow. Or if you know of a site that gives examples and how to format the file I would be glad to check it out.
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    see thats my problem I have a bunch of errors in mine and not sure where I am going wrong.. LMAO.. Not sure if the spacing is off or what but from all accounts that I have seen it should work. But I can send you my essentials permision file if you like.. not sure how to on here so would have to email it too you.. and would have to edit it with notepad ++
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    Yoy can email me. My address is on the about screen of my app. Or you can just email me at its the same name I use here. :)
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