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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Gh0stKitty, Nov 28, 2020.

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    MC Version 1.16.4+

    If possible i'd like a plugin that allows you to enter a form of "ghost mode." The player should remain in survival/whatever mode they were in, still able to interact with things. Hostile mobs would not interact with the player in ghost mode, unless the ghost player attacks first, In which case there should be a cooldown of 1 minute before the truce is restored. (Removed)

    When the player is put into ghost mode their playermodel should become transparent, visible to all other players as transparent. The player nametag can be off or on, whatever is easiest for you.

    /Ghost on (username)
    /Ghost off (username)

    Op use only. Nobody else can use the command.

    NEEDED BY: 12/10/2020
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    This will probably be the hardest part of the plugin. I believe it requires changing the behaviour of the mobs using NMS (I am not too sure about this though).
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    Oh, well its not needed then!
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    please restart the server after uploading the plugin or at least make sure that all online players will reconnect after the first reload if u dont want to restart.

    I hope that kinda fits your wishings:

    If there's something wrong, just let me know.


    // edit: If you are using another plugin which uses a scoreboard, then these plugins might not work in combination
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    Just tried it out but it seems to turn the player totally invisible.
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    Are u using a plugin which uses a scoreboard in combination?

    In order to make a player not fully invisible but transparent, I need to make him invisible, but put all players into the same team to then enable `setCanSeeInvisibles` to make invisible players still slightly visible (transparent) to their "teammates".
    The team is assigned to a scoreboard and one player can be assigned to only one scoreboard so if he already belongs to a scoreboard, my plugin does not work for you.

    This is how it looks for me:
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    Hm.. I do use libsDisguises. Could this be the issue?

    EDIT: LibsDisguises was the issue. Thank you very much!! <3
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