Virus on the Patcher for bukkit

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by titog176, Dec 13, 2011.

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    WS.Reputation.1 is a detection for files that have a low reputation score based on analyzing data from Symantec’s community of users and therefore are likely to be security risks. Detections of this type are based on Symantec’s reputation-based security technology. Because this detection is based on a reputation score, it does not represent a specific class of threat like adware or spyware, but instead applies to all threat categories.

    The reputation-based system uses "the wisdom of crowds" (Symantec’s tens of millions of end users) connected to cloud-based intelligence to compute a reputation score for an application, and in the process identify malicious software in an entirely new way beyond traditional signatures and behavior-based detection techniques.
    This came up.
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    bukkit don't have an auto patcher, only thin they have is a link to the latest and alot of jars files

    else someone from bukkit team says otherwise here i know that.
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    Thats not an official Bukkit item/release and is not supported by bukkit nor any staff from it.
    it just a normal follower like you who made that.
    so Changes that it a PDP (potential dangerous program) is high

    heres a list of releases by bukkit and all with the little green star is recommended builds (the latest good build)

    and for a perma link

    then use a plugin like
    To update with, You still have to move a file from one folder to another,

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    So, what you're trying to say, is that my installer/patch contains a virus because people haven't reported to symantec that it doesn't have one? Illogic there.
    These antivirus companies (Symantec and Norton) require at least 100 positive reports on software before they a classified as "safe". Since most people don't write in after downloading software, it's not going to get 100 positive reviews quickly.
    BTW there are no viruses in the software. If you don't believe me, out of the ~150,000 downloads it has had, only about 7 or 8 have complained about viruses, and they use norton and Symantec.
    So just because your antivirus says it may have a virus, doesn't mean it does. But you should still be careful with what you download.
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