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    Virtual Bank
    What this plugin does is creating a virtual bank for players, where they can type simple commands to deposit or withdraw their Gold Ingot.
    They can also pay players and buy items. This allows players to easily store there Gold Ingot or buy items when they are in caves, dungeons or in the middle of a big forest.
    /bank = Show how much Gold Ingot you have on the account
    /bank inn [amount] = Takes the Gold from your inventory and store it in your account
    /bank ut [amount] = Takes the Gold from your account and in to your inventory
    /bank betal [player] [amount] = Pays the player the amount of Gold Ingot
    /bank topp = A list over the top 5 richest players and the amount of gold
    /Butikk = Show a list over items that we sell
    /Handle [item] = Buy the item
    Bank: ‘You have [amount] gold on your account.’
    Bank inn: ‘You added [amount] Gold to your account.’
    Bank ut: ‘You withdraw [amount] Gold from your account.’
    Bank betal: ‘You payed [player] [amount] Gold. You have now [amount] Gold on your account
    Handle: ‘You bought [item] for [amount] Gold. You now have [amount] Gold on your account
    Permissions: = everything except /bank reload
    Virtualbank.admin = everything
    The commands are in Norwegian, because I run a Norwegian server! Feel free to translate it back to Englsih or an other language! :)
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    I can do this, I will start as soon as possible.

    Jeg kan gjøre dette, vil jeg starte så snart som mulig.
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    Thank you sooo much! :D Send me a PM when this is done!
    Tuusen Takk! Send meg en PM når den er ferdig!

    Just an update, the config should have a file where you can edit the store of what the server is selling.

    Diamond 32 64

    Now, 32 diamonds would cost 64 Gold Ingot.

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