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    Basic Outline

    Users can click on a villager and receive a tutorial delivered to them via the server chat. On completion users are rewarded with a specified reward. The tutorial can be customised in game with setup involving typing the tutorial into chat.
    The Tutorial

    Users are fixed in place while the tutorial is delivered to them with a nice, easy to read format, using text colours etc. Sound effects are used when each text line appears to try and keep the users interest during the tutorial. The user can cancel the tutorial by typing /quit during the tutorial. They do not receive the reward. Once the tutorial is completed user is given a reward and sound effect to symbolise the ending of a tutorial.
    Must be able to setup multiple tutorials. For example if you have 5 villagers then 5 individual tutorials.

    Villagers remain fixed in place, with the lore above their head (in colour) explaining the tutorial they will deliver and the reward.

    If possible include variables such as: <name> places this with the users name, <balance> will bring up the users money.

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