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    I want an admin store but all the ones I found have infinite amount of the item when made. I would like some help in find a plugin that will allow me to set the amount of the items with out the annoying pops ups telling someone they bought an item from me threw a sign,

    or if there is a villager plugin which can utilize command money Ex. (/bal) for trading items Sorta like citizens 2 NPC traders, But with out the NPC and utilizing Villagers, either one of these would be fine. Thank you for reading this.

    Just wondering if this was a complicated plugin or if you nees more information Because I would be willing give more info on request. Ty for reading also I will only bumb every so often sorry for this 24 hour bumb

    P.S. I hope I don't have to ask someone to make a brand new plugin for this, and if I do I will update this to look more like the standard in asking for a plugin to be made.

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    Plugin category: RPG

    Suggested name: Villager Trader or General Store Villager (Something Like that)

    What I want: Sorta like citizens 2 NPC traders, But with out the NPC and utilizing Villagers, more like a combo of Shopkeepers and NPC traders. Also have a feature where it can have limited amounts of items and villagers can take items from 1 player and put it in there store for sale and someone can buy it from the villager but for a higher price. My aim is torwards a physical Shopkeeper that is like a genral store that will buy from players and sell to players but will also have its own stuff that it sells that could run out and refill with a set time

    Ideas for commands:
    - Store Create
    - Store Time (will set time for items to be cleared from the spaces at which they were sold)
    - Store Clear (Will get rid of all player traded items and will keep admin place items in)
    - Store Clear all (Same as above but gets rid of all)
    - Store Delete
    Ideas for permissions:
    When I'd like it by: Any time
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    Bumb 3 days later.

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