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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by TheCoolPlugins, Nov 18, 2014.

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    Plugin category: I don't know

    Suggested name: VillagerGUI

    What I want: I would like to see in this plugin a command where you can
    spawn a villager, and you can add a GUI to it. But also inside the GUI to be some blocks
    or an item in order to do a command. For example, /give Username 64 Cobblestone, or you know, a command! Also, when users click the block or item in the GUI for it to do a command, I would also like it to say a message in the Chat, with color coding. Please can there be a feature where i can edit it. Thankyou very much, please also add a feature where i can add more then just 1 block in the config, and a feature where a block doesn't have to have any command.

    Ideas for commands:

    /villager gui create (name with color coding)

    Most of the editing for the villager and the GUI are done in the Config

    Ideas for permissions: - Open the GUI

    When I'd like it by: Possibly tomorwow or day after tomorwow

    Thankyou very much bukkit community, i appreciate it :)

    - TheCoolPlugins
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    You could use chestcommands for the GUI, and if the villager is a npc (citizens) there's a plugin to run commands on click. If any normal villager, you would need a plugin to do that.
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    Citizens does not work on my Minecraft Server, and there are just too many plugins to install.

    I just need a plugin with everything in one.
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    What you asked for is easy to think : it would use ShopKeepers and the plugins that people are used to use to teleport etc... (ex :
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    Are you trying to get Villagers like Mineplex?

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    Yes, sort of. I want players to right click an NPC in order to open a wardrobe, for example. The stuff that i was asking
    in my plugin.

    Why do you have to laugh, what is the point? I just need a plugin with what I was asking.
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    I will have a look around in the Bukkit Plugins area and do my research and see what I can do for you.

    You might be able to use NPCWarehouse and ChestCommands

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    thankyou very much, also, after finding some plugins, please give me specific instructions in order to use these
    plugins please, because i might not know what to do

    NPCWarehouse is inactive, and ChestCommands has not much to do with Villagers. Any help, please?
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    In my opinion it is pointless to sign your name "Josh" when your name is an inch to the left.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    TheCoolPlugins I merged your posts. Please don't double post, use the edit button instead.
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    Yeah, thanks for doing It for me. But I made a thread for a reason -_-

    Another problem is that Citizens does not work for some reason on my minecraft server...?

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    You made a thread for a reason to get the plugin you want, correct? I gave you two plugins that fit exactly what you want. You do not need a custom plugin made. If Citizens does not work on your server, contact the developer. It should work fine.
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    Naaaahhh maybe one of your plugins may work but somebody very generous can still make this plugin for me! Another thing, in my opinion, I should have this plugin made by somebody who is generous and who would like to make me this plugin.!
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    You're either going to have to use an already existing plugins, or not have the plugin made at all. I don't understand why anyone would take this request up since these plugins already exist. Both plugins work fine and have been recently updated. You never stated what's wrong with these plugins, so I am guessing you didn't even try them. Before you say "Naaaahhh", at least try it.
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    TheCoolPlugins so basically your saying, I want a dev to take time to make a plugin that fits exactly what i want when Jaaakee224 finds 2 that fit your needs, and you still say
    if you wanna be rude like that go learn java
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    Once again, citizens doesn't work, and it does take a few days for developers to respond, but I am very busy..

    Not trying to be rude man! I'm just saying! Java is going to take up too much of my time, I'm very busy man

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    Why doesn't it work?
    Errors in console? Please give us some information.
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