Villager Defense [Game]

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Protect The Village

    What I want: Basically, I want this to create an automated game wherea customizable amount of players defend a custom village from waves of zombies. The zombies would be able to break down the doors of houses to kill the villagers. The players would have to kill the zombies before they can do this. Once all the villagers are dead, the game restarts. And after a set amount of waves the players win and get like a money reward.

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    minecrafterwork I steal plugins as my own

    Sounds interesting, I will work on this
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    Are you still working on this?
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    stephano013 It does not matter if it is not up to date. Most plugins don't break even if not up to the minecraft version...
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    MayoDwarf, @TomTheDevelopers s plugin is not available for download. Got any ideas of other plugins similar to his?
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    stephano013 gcflames5 plugin... It works fine and is actually fairly good. Even if it says version 1.5 of minecraft, it should still work with 1.7.
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    Also MayoDwarf, gcflames5 s plugin is not the one I'm looking for. Why? Well his is only Players V Players. I want Players V Mobs...

    Any Ideas?

    Of course not, the wheel was built long time ago, so we can't reinvent the wheel, but we can improve it. I'm just looking for the plugin that I asked..

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    stephano013 However, no one is going to reinvent the wheel.
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    I am looking for the same plugin. Unless TomTheDeveloper finishes his plugin, I think we're out of luck. I want to play this gamemode, but the Minecade server is laggy as hell.

    I hope this isn't too bad of a necro bump...
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    would love to see this made
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

  15. This village defend is far from others, this one is more a monster arena with objects not an PvP capture the flag
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    so is anybody willing to make this game? xD

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