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    I was trying to think of a way to make interaction between player cities/forts/villages/bases or whatever and also create a real need to develop base defenses. A game like capture the flag! but better. There would only be one flag, a relic, The Ender Egg!

    Whichever village possesses the Egg will claim superiority. The holders of the Egg could benefit from an inflow of economy money, gold, or some other "prize" at the village periodically. Teams could be determined by different groups, or factions, but not restricted to only one way hopefully. There would have to be a way to set the village areas, so that the village can collect the "prize" if the egg is safe in their area. I think a totem of colored wool with a sign on top to establish a visible base location would be good, and the base area could be a radius from that point in the config. This way it's not a mystery where the base locations are, and each village could be a different color.

    Rules would be customizable for things like: max distance from base location, minimum hight level, and space around Egg. The Egg should be only allowed to be placed on a Gold Block, like a shrine. If there was some way to force non natural blocks around the Egg location to help keep people from hiding it in natural caves or whatever. Also, should be a way to prevent the egg from being buried and to make the Egg area accessible without having to dig through walls or anything.

    commands would only include team/player participant list, Egg Holder info, and duration of current hold.

    Teams would build tombs and shrines and Indiana Jones like defenses to protect the Egg.. it would be sweet.

    To add to the awesomeness (and this could be a separate plugin idea all together) what if you could set mobs within your base area to offensively attack players who aren't on that team. Dogs, Iron and snow Golems, and even regular wandering mobs set to attack any intruder seen. Then you could have real active guards. maybe have snow golems shoot arrows instead of snowballs so that they are actually effective against human players..

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