Village Defender [Game]

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Protect The Village

    What I want: Basically, I want this to create an automated game where a customizable amount of players defend a custom village from waves of zombies. The zombies would be able to break down the doors of houses to kill the villagers. The players would have to kill the zombies before they can do this. Once all the villagers are dead, the game restarts. And after a set amount of waves the players win and get a money reward.

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    Hmmm, that would be a nice game, but the only thing i don't know is:
    How can i let zombies attack villagers. I will ask it on bukkit plugin development, and if it possible, i think i will make this.
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    lol zombies automatically attack villagers XD
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    Yeah, i know it now, thx, maybe it will be done in two weeks, because i am working on other plugins right now
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    Really? That's great! :)
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    Please post link of result on here when it's done! I would love to take part in this plugin since it's a greta idea.

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    Don't expect it will be done in two days, but i think with in 2 weeks it should be done, i am a boy of 16 years old, I also need to go to school, so i don't have the whole day time to program this plugin, i will start tommorow.

    Okey i will post it here when it is done
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    I'm just glad you''re making it.
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    DerpyKitteh OMG I just came across this! I love the Idea. I can get this done in 1 week and 5 days if that is alright. TomTheDeveloper Or Tom if you need help, we can team up in creating this plugin.
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    I am working on it now, the classes and the lobby is already done. Now the arena, but that is the biggest part, i am working on it now
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  12. Sounds nice!
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    Will the lobby and arena be customizable?
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    I will make the rounds today, tomorrow the arena, maybe it will be done this weekend.

    DerpyKitteh Yes you can build your own lobby, only the signs need to be exact the same as the plugin page will tell you.
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    TomTheDeveloper hey Tom,
    Interested in helping if that's okay with you.
    My specialties would be documentation, ideas, some java, and images. I'm still very much learning to code java so it would be awesome if I could bombard you with questions about this.
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    muffinjello Thx that you offer to help me, but i want to do this on my own, many people ask to help, so if i let help everyone, there would be like 30 people that worked on this, but you can ask questions if you want, but what do you mean with images and documentation?

    But i am search for someone who can make a logo, the name will be Village Defender (Sorry that i changed the name, i hope you won't be mad at me). I am also searching for someone who could make a nice trailer, intro for Village Defender.
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    TomTheDeveloper - By documentation I mean things such as help / guide pages for the plugin , use, ect.
    Images = logos, ect.
    I can also get a trailer, and help video for village defender! :)
    If you're wondering about my past work, my best logos would probably be the v1.0 AncientRPG banner and ChatFlow's banner. (I've linked directly to the images only)

    Also, the youtube channel that I'd be able to post the trailer on, is a youtube partner:)


    P.S. - I'm going to send you my skype via conversation private message.
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    Hmm, nice logo's, if you want to make a logo for Village Defender, that is alright. Then i will add as an artist of the plugin. And i will tell that the logo is made by you.
    You don't need to make the logo, but if you doensn't want to make it, i will search someone else
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    Doesn't matter to me, you're coding the plugin. I just had the original idea, plus, I actually like that name better!
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    Deleted user

    Could you tag me when the video and plugin is done? Thanks.
    Seems like a good game.
  21. This doesn't seem to hard. If TomTheDeveloper doesn't do this, I shall.
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    ETA when it's finished?
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    The logo is already finished (thx muffinjello), and i am working on it very hard. If there are no big problems, there will be a BETA- version ready this weekend
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    I will install it on my files when its done sounds awesome :D
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    I love this idea. I had it myself but went to see if someone already had it before me. I'd love to be a part of this plugin! I could be a tester, artist, ticket manager, anything. Please PM me TomTheDeveloper
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    Sounds awesome!
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    I'd be happy to test it.
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    Same can I please test it I just got a test server and I really want to be a tester please. Cheers=)
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