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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Dinnerbone, Jul 21, 2011.

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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    I decided to give the plugin video tutorials a try, and now I regret it after seeing the terrible quality it produced. But I've already published the first ep, so I'll make a few more and see if I get any better.

    The first episode of my tutorials is up, you can find it over here. For the generator used, you can find that over there and for the end result of the tutorial (the sourcecode+jar) you can head on over yonder.

    The quality sucks, I suck and the tutorial sucks. But I'll try better next time, I promise!

    Edit (23rd july): Second video is up! Clicky! Source over here.
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    Cool, I'm going to go watch it!
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    Copying Niji I see...:p
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    Copying Niji? Has he done something similar?
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    Honestly, we need more development videos anyways, so I don't think anybody'll mind ;)
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    Cool and helpful video! Makes it easier for the NetBeans users, too..
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    King Rat

    Just watched through it, it's great! Easily the best plugin tut I've watched, and it's inspired me to switch over to Netbeans :3
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    I was only kidding, I need all the help I can get (listen to my noobish ramblings on irc and you'll understand :p)

    Also, link
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

  10. Wow, we've went from 0 to a ton of tutorial videos...oh well, if you listen to me on irc...(i need them :O)
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    I think it was good, yes the quality wasn't fantastic but it's the content that matters and it's going to help people alot.
    Keep releasing them :3
    Better to have more than less right?
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    But netbeans... -.-
    just kidding :p
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    I see an Episode 3.
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    After doing your tutorials I decided to add them to the thread. Great job!
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    Thomas Ross

    Your tutorials are the best I have seen on YouTube you are so much mre easier to understand and you explain what the code does. Please make more.
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    While I think your tutorial is very good, Dinnerbone, I am absolutely repulsed by the fact that you introduce onPlayerMove in an introduction video, without also explaining the ramifications of using it. I literally cringed for half of the video, and I sincerely hope that people are aware of the horrible performance hits this method can invoke on a system if handled inappropriately. Possibly the best example of how to not use onPlayerMove would be the War-plugin, which is known to bring servers to their knees if there are several zones and players.

    Haven't watched the second video yet, but looking forward to it :3
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    yay! another NetBeans user :p
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    ahh so optimistic
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    I'm going to try to learn Bukkit plugin programming.

    I know C++ and C#. How hard could Java be? Most of my plugins will probably be customizations of exist plugins anyway. XD

    EDIT: Well, so much for that. It seems NetBeans cannot find any of these functions in Bukkit 1.3.2RB1.0.

    If even Dinnerbone's own code comes up as nothing but errors, I have concluded that Bukkit simply doesn't like me. I have failed. Annoy, too, since the third programmer I've hired for my server flaked on me. Three programmers have flaked on me! Seriously! ARG!
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    Has anyone found any solutions to this problem? I would like to start learning Java, I figured Bukkit would be a good place to start, but apparently I have no idea what dependencies I need to make the code look correct and free from errors. Downloading declared dependencies only downloaded a few, and only fixed a few errors.

    Is this true? The thing that lags in the war plugin is the onPlayerMove event? Why is it so laggy?

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    When recording in Camtasia Recorder, once you put it in the Camtasia Studio you want to remove the zoom points. Or better yet you just dont record the zoom points.
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    It's not that the event itself is laggy, but rather that it is fired way too often (this is subjective, but there are no existing plugins that require such precision, and I will make the claim that no plugin will ever need it), i.e. up to 20 times per second per player, assuming the TPS cap is 20. Attaching heavy-weight event handlers to such an event means your server will be doing not just a lot of heavy-weight calculations 20 times per second per player, but an unnecessarily high amount of heavy-weight calculations 20 times per second per player. The PlayerMoveEvent handler in War is notorious for this (~600 lines of branching and gutbusting for-loops), and is the reason larger servers rarely use this otherwise good idea of a plugin, and instead opt for the clearly superior alternatives.
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