[VIDEO TUTORIAL] Creating Your First Bukkit Plugin (Includes Setup)

Discussion in 'Resources' started by GeekPlaya, Sep 11, 2011.

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    Any comments on it?
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    You're tutorial worked perfectly for me. I followed through all 5 episodes with relative ease, only having problems when I strayed from the tutorial. I went through giving the class files different names than what you had and ran into a problem in my plugin.yml when I didn't realize the main line had to be me.username.hello.mainclassname.
    However, if I had followed you tutorial to the letter I'm sure I wouldn't have run into any problems.

    I did come into this with a basic understanding of Java and I run my own Minecraft server, so I can't really comment on how easy to follow your explanations of Java or setting up the local server were. I can say that of how to use Eclipse were clear and easy to understand, since it is my first time using it. You did give me a basic understanding of how a bukkit plugin is supposed to be set up and that was all I was personally looking for out of it.

    Great work! keep it up :D and I'll definitely check out any other bukkit tutorial videos you end up making. Thanks!

    p.s. Your video and audio settings are both high quality and it makes them that much more enjoyable to watch.
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    Amazing videos! Thank you very much! Very clear, very good voice! I'll continue to watch! Great job! :D
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    Can I get all of that in a download?
    Also i want to create a few new things that requires you to craft them, how would I do this?
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    Hey! You still need that download?
    Thanks it means a lot.
    I use a CAD-U1 and this time my Vizio TV (recorded with Screenflow). Thank you for noticing!

    It is a pretty precise tutorial so I can see how it might of caused some errors when you tried out some things. I really appreciate your comments :D

    Proud to say that this tutorial has earned me over 26 subscribers in the past 3 days :D

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    Great Job! :D
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    Robopwner said:
    Can I get all of that in a download?
    Also i want to create a few new things that requires you to craft them, how would I do this?​
    Hey! You still need that download?

    Yes Please!
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    Alright, I will hop on that when I get home.
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    Yes, if I could get all of your videos and maybe some extras in a .zip, that would be great! :)
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    Omg its on mac, I love you sir.

    The biggest wall ive been hitting was pc tutorials.

    Edit, where is the links to the java tutorials you talk about in your video? I am already catching on a bit from this, but I would like some more info.
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    My bad, I will add that soon.
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    How would i add commands
    and if someone says hi or hey can can both hi and hey make the server say [Server] hi playername
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