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    Hey (plugin and other) delvolpers, I have a request to reintroduce a plugin that was taken down a while ago, and it's very possible(because it's been done before) and just is a amazing plugin. I have a minecraft classic server and I am looking for a mod that can:
    * Enable Bukkiters to make(or transform) a minecraft beta bukkit server to a minecraft bukkit classic one.
    * Be able to still use all(or at least some) plugins from bukkit.
    The previous person who did this called it BetaClassic and enabled Classic players to use Beta items on that Classic server. I think that BetaClassic should be introduced(I really want to use my plugins to make portals, mutiple worlds, flying mods, espically ranks and WorldEdit.

    I know there are servers like Opticraft and stuff that have all these things so I was wondering(do they use bukkit to do so...and) if you could do this plugin to enable me and the members on my server to fly, recive ranks, go though portals...etc.

    My server just got greifed hardcore by some mod and now everything but the bedrock guildlines and roads is completely gone. It is sad, but I see it as a massive oppurtunity to update the server, and I wish to do that using handy dandy Bukkit.

    Also I have looked everywhere, but I have yet to find any minecraft classic plugins or downloads on bukkit(or elsewhere compatable for bukkit) so I was wondering if there was any at all, and if not could someone please undertake this plugin.

    Bukkit is truely amazing, but this plugin would put it over the top for me. I know how gret you plugin devolpers are and all the amazing plugins you guys have done. Seems like everything you touch turns into [gold](hehehehe)
    Thank you so much,
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    Are you asking for Bukkit on a classic server?

    Err. I think it exists, but I cannot find the link..
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    Yes, that would be amazing, but I can't find it anywhere.
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    There is no such thing as Bukkit for Minecraft Classic. Just use Bukkit and set it to creative mode in the server.properties.
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    where would that be under? Server Type?
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    ^^^Is this correct?^^^
    It doesn't show up as a minecraft classic server on minecraft.net when I do the gamemode as 1.
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    You can't get that anymore I believe. Sorry.
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    Ok well can someone read the origonal post and attempt to remake this plugin for this and future updates?
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    MCforge was the bukkit for classic. As classic and mcforge hasn't changed, neither have their old plugins. The staff should try to help you with setting up and customizing your classic server. Bukkit is for beta and the full game.

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